Drizly: From the Liquor Store to Your Doorstep

by Sebastian Krawiec

Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery mobile application conceived in 2012 by co-founders Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson while they were attending Boston College as an answer to the question of why they can get pizza and Chinese delivered but not booze. The app officially launched in 2013 in Boston, followed closely by its New York City release in early 2014. In that short time, Drizly has grown rapidly, currently operating in 17 cities nationwide, most recently Hoboken and Jersey City.

DrizlyHere’s how it works: Drizly partners with local retailers providing them with an automated way to deliver alcohol. This system was designed to accommodate laws in Massachusetts for alcohol distribution that do not allow for third parties or courier services to deliver alcohol from a retailer. This makes it easier for them to operate in other states that may have similarly strict or stricter laws, while also making it easier for consumers by working directly with the retailers. Through the app, customers see the nearest retailer’s inventory in real time, with prices that aren’t marked up whatsoever. Purchases are only subject to a five dollar delivery fee, however, in NYC the fee is waived due to laws requiring hard liquor to be sold separately from beer and wine.

Drizly currently operates in Boston, New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, Providence, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Minnesota, Seattle, New Orleans, and St. Louis. Not only can you purchase for yourself in any of these cities but if you have friends in these areas, you can gift them alcohol through Drizly’s gifting feature by typing in their address and ordering based on their location. Simply shop for your gift, add it to cart, and fill in your friends e-mail address and phone number. Drizly then sends an e-mail to your friend letting them know they have received a gift from you and instructs them to schedule a time that is convenient for them to receive their gift. Just don’t send it to anyone underage because one thing that makes Drizly attractive to retailers is their proprietary ID scanning app which their drivers employ to verify legal drinking age.

Perfect for the last minute booze run or just if you don’t feel like making a trip to the liquor store, Drizly is a great way to purchase alcohol. It’s certainly worth a try and if you’re a Jersey resident, use promo code FREEJERSEY when you order on Drizly, and the delivery fee will be waived. Cheers.


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