Where to Find Soufflé Pancakes Near NJ

by Mary Sparago
Souffle Pancakes NJ

Growing up, one of my core memories was padding downstairs on a Saturday morning—still dreary-eyed—to a mountain of pancakes. On the luckiest of days, they would be an inch thick and bounce against my fork. That meal is still my favorite comfort food today—especially when topped with chocolate chips and maple syrup. 

Pancakes are best when they’re pillowy, warm, and airy. And while I always believed none could be fluffier than my mom’s, one rival has taken the country by storm—Japanese soufflé pancakes. Unlike regular pancakes, these masterpieces stand several inches tall and jiggle at the swing of their dish. With a rich depth of flavor, this dish brings new meaning to morning pancakes. If you want to try them yourself, here’s where to find soufflé pancakes near New Jersey. 

What Are Soufflé Pancakes?

Soufflé pancakes originated in Japan, elevating the already popular breakfast delight. Special preparation gives the pancakes their picturesque fluffiness. The chef beats egg whites into a meringue before gently folding them into the mixture. This technique is where the “soufflé” attribute comes in. While maintaining the shape of the cake, air bubbles raise the batter so it sits several inches high and creates a significantly lighter texture than normal pancakes. 

Most people commonly enjoy soufflé pancakes with confectioners’ sugar, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. Certain cafes smother various sweet creams like strawberry or matcha on top for a decadent final touch. Whether you’re a casual foodie or a pancake fanatic, it’s worth the hunt to try these soufflé pancakes near NJ.  

Where to Get Soufflé Pancakes Near NJ

Taiyaki NYC – Flushing, Chinatown, Williamsburg, NY

Best known for its fish-shaped ice cream cones and custard pastries, Taiyaki NYC reveals its greatest secret on the weekends––during which time they prepare soufflé pancakes. Selling nearly 800 each weekend, Taiyaki NYC’s delicate, jiggly pancakes are a popular attraction for diners throughout the tri-state. 

Far worth the wait, these delicacies are served with your choice of matcha sauce or maple syrup. To top it off, the dish comes with a fluffy taiyaki waffle. Whether it’s a later breakfast or midday snack, these pancakes will elevate any guest’s weekend. 

Where to find soufflé pancakes in NJ

Fluffy soufflé pancake stack from Taiyaki NYC l Photo via @taiyakinyc

Flipper’s – SoHo, NY

There’s not much that can stop New York in its tracks. However, since its grand opening in 2019, Flipper’s famously fluffy pancakes have achieved the impossible. Lining the sidewalks, foodies brave the wait each day to indulge in sweet soufflés among the cafe’s bright and spacious interior. Reminiscent of its name, Flipper’s “miracle pancakes” are most notorious because they’re made without a mold––expertly shaped by constantly flipping the puffy batter. 

Aside from their regular pancakes, this coffeehouse offers freshly made strawberry, maple butter, and matcha cream toppings. For those with less of a sweet tooth, the menu includes savory dishes like salmon cream cheese sandwiches. Order one of their classic milk teas or housemade lemonades to complete your meal.

Souffle pancakes near NJ

“Miracle pancakes” from Flippers in SoHo l Photo via @flippersus

Eggcellent Soufflé Pancake – Flushing, NY

If you’re searching for locally-owned dessert shops, Eggcellent Soufflé Pancake in downtown Flushing meets the mark. The menu includes a variety of carefully crafted soufflé pancakes. Tiramisu, matcha, and crème brûlée are several popular flavors––each topped with a thick cream sauce to complement the fluffy cake. 

To counteract the sweetness, Eggcellent Soufflé Pancake sells several savory snacks, including honey ham and cheese. For the complete experience, try any of their four flavored bubble waffle cone desserts. 

Where to Find Souffle Pancakes

Soufflé pancakes l Photo via @eggcellentpancake

Hi-Collar – New York, NY

Cafe by day, bar by night. At the East Village’s Hi-Collar coffeehouse, soufflé pancakes aren’t the only exciting attraction. A Western-inspired Japanese cafe, traditionally referred to as a “kissaten,” this restaurant offers warm meals during the morning and afternoon. Once the sun goes down, it transforms into a sake bar. From traditional teas and coffees to the famous omurice, Hi-Collar upholds Japanese cuisine among the radiant streets of New York. 

The soufflé pancakes are available for lunch, topped with your choice of strawberries, gelato, or red bean. Lined with shoji walls and traditional decorations, this immersive venue gives guests a glimpse into Japanese culture and lifestyle. 

japanese pancakes

Jiggly Japanese pancakes from Hi-Collar in NYC l Photo via @hi_collar

Honorable Mention

The Corner – Montclair, NJ

While Japanese soufflé pancakes are all the craze, there are some extra-fluffy hotcakes that rival the airy, jiggly creation. Rated the best in New Jersey for pancakes by Yelp, The Corner in Montclair closely mimics the pillowy soufflé batter––elevating the traditional dish. Their thick, soft texture hosts just the right amount of sweetness, topped with poached apricots or berries in a fresh, creamy vanilla syrup. 

With a number of savory dishes, pastries, and freshly-ground coffee, this cafe is a favorite among locals. To best experience the urban-eclectic spot, try any of their housemade sodas or fruit juices to ease the sweetness of the pancakes. 

montclair restaurant

Fresh berry pancakes from The Corner in Montclair, NJ l Photo via @njdigest

Have you tried any soufflé pancakes near NJ? Tell us about your experience!

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