Declutter Your Home This Summer With the Modular Closets Value Closet Kit

by Tom Lavecchia
Modular Closets

One way to improve your overall wellness is by decluttering your living space. Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing sanctuary—a place focused on memories, family, friends, and a place you feel safe and relaxed. Clutter affects all of that. From stress to not being able to find things, to anxiety, keeping an untidy living space can be a major detriment to your overall well being. 

We often think the worst clutter is the type that the eye can see, but surprisingly clutter behind closed doors can often cause the most stress. Even if you can’t see the clutter, your subconscious knows it is there. So, get organized!

One must-have product for decluttering and organizing your bedroom closet is the DIY-friendly Modular Closets Value Closet Kit. Made in the USA, this pre-designed closet system tastefully maximizes the space in a reach-in closet, making storage convenient and appealing. Neat and minimalistic, this kit doubles some hanging areas while still accommodating longer garments. The shelves are also designed strategically for utmost convenience—incuding adjustable shelving to fit your specific needs.


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With its neutral look blending into and even complementing any decor, this easy-to-install closet is a timeless favorite. The high-quality closet system is wall-mounted with the company’s patented cleat system and features eco-friendly wood production. 

Unlike Modular Closets, alternative closet systems offer a “rail system” where the closet is made up of multiple panels that hang on a wall-mounted rail. However, opting for a rail system can lead to significant confusion and frustration during the design phase, while also needlessly complicating the installation process. Furthermore, these rail-based closet systems tend to deteriorate over time, necessitating costly and time-consuming replacements.

Modular Closets is a celebrity favorite and has been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, Bargain Mansions with Tarama Day, Buyer’s Bootcamp, Property Brothers, HGTV, People, Apt. Therapy, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, and more. Available in White or Grey, the closet kit starts at $494.99. You can find out more about Modular Closets here


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