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Chews Wisely- Picking Your Next Pack of Gum is Crucial

Heading out to Washington Street this weekend hoping to meet that special someone? Well, once you lock eyes with Mr./Ms. Right across the bar over at Black Bear, you’re probably going to want to get close.  Unless you’d like your new found love interest’s first impression to be the smell of draft beer or the garlic that was on your pizza earlier, you are going to need something to cool off that hot breath of yours.

Let me guess — you’ll reach into your pocket and pull out a piece of brand name gum, right? Wrong.  Did you know that most major chewing gum brands contain the most dangerous chemical found in food today? Marco Torres, of the Walking Times, reports that over 85% of major brands include the culprit known as Aspartame.  Aspartame is a nasty additive that has been linked to some of the most serious chronic illnesses (brain tumors, diabetes, lymphoma, etc). Aspartame can cause serious harm to your body over a long period of time, with a side effect list that sounds like the end of a pharmaceutical commercial.

Lucky for all of us, there are a few alternatives. Buy yourself a pack of Chiclets. Remember those? The Aspartame-free gum has been around for over 100 years and counting. A first kiss can be deadly enough, so let’s leave the life-threatening chemicals at home this weekend.