Rules For Flirtexting: Don’t Get Burned Before Reading

Rules For Flirtexting: Don’t Get Burned Before Reading

Text messaging: a world where wallflowers turn into social butterflies and harmless sarcastic remarks get misconstrued as heinous insults. Oh, did you forget to send a question mark? Well now she won’t answer because it’s not a question anymore. I’m sorry how many Y’s at the end of “Hey” are needed to know that he likes you? And how long should I wait to text her back? It’s a lot to think about. These days people are even having text conversations before they’ve even spoken on the phone. Let’s face it, we all text; here are your rules for flirtexting:

You don’t work at Google Earth. Avoid asking your crush questions like, “where are you?” or “where were you last night?” It’s not attractive.

Return the favor. If he calls you and you miss the call, it is a must that you call back. Don’t text your crush after missing their call and say, “Hey what’s up?” If someone calls you– call back when you can.

DBYCWA. Don’t Bombard Your Crush With Abbreviations. Avoid all those “HBU’s” and “TTYL’s” because the more you use, the less interesting you sound.  Save the abbreviations for your best friend.

Who texts first after a date? You! Instead of having that awkward next day playing the waiting game why not text your crush right after your date. I know you’re just breaking all your rules aren’t you? Guys say something like: “Did you get home okay?” If he paid for dinner, ladies send him: “I had a nice time tonight” even if you didn’t or don’t care. These are common courtesies that are taken for granted. Be careful because the goal here isn’t to turn this into a conversation, you’ve just had a date.

Centerfold syndrome. Sending funny pictures to your crush might be a great way of starting conversation, but if you’re going to be sending pictures of yourself please be dressed. Remember these are the rules for flirtexting, not sexting. Leave the sexting to the serious, long-term couples.

24. 24 was a good TV show, and also the exact number of hours you have to text your crush back. If it’s been 24 hours since I sent my crush a message, I should assume they aren’t all that interested. If you’re interested, be sure to text him/her back within 24 hours. Make sure you’re not sitting by the phone waiting to text or receive a text, either. Forget the old waiting game, you should have things going on in your life that are more important than waiting. Let things happen naturally.

🙂 :(  😉 😛 😮 :* Annoyed yet? Smiley faces are a great way to show your affections for your crush, but don’t send one in every message. Use them for sure, but use them sparingly so that when you do they seem special. Forrest Gump didn’t invent the smiley face for you to abuse it like this.

Writing your autobiography? Good for you, now don’t include it in your next text to your crush. This is perhaps one of the more important rules for flirtexting because everyone wants to tell their life story over text messages. Try keeping your texts to your crush short and sweet; 2 sentences maximum is a good rule of thumb. You’ll have plenty of time to exchange information on your next date, until then keep it in your book. Quality over quantity my friend.

Being cheesy, thinking of you. Since you won’t be sending over the manuscript of your autobiography, make those short text messages really count. When you initiate conversation with your crush avoid the usual boring pitfalls like, “Hello…” or “What’s up?” Be witty, be cheesy, use puns, tease your crush (great time to finally drop one of those smiley faces you’ve been holstering). Spark a fun conversation or let your crush know in some way that you thought of them (maybe something reminded you of them). If they feel the same way, your effort will be well received.

Now open until 2 am. The Wendy’s drive-thru might be open all night, but you shouldn’t be. Don’t initiate a text conversation late at night with your crush. A lot of the time this sends the wrong message about your intentions and can even make you seem a bit creepy.

Go home, snail… you are drunk. Don’t get drunk and try to start a text conversation with her. The chances are you’re going to misspell a few words and maybe even scare her off. You actually want to keep your grammar in the realm of normal when flirtexting, and this won’t help matters. If you’re out drinking with some friends there’s really no reason for you to be texting your crush all that much anyway.

Long live the rebellion. Be a rebel. Sometimes it’s okay to break the above rules for flirtexting; in some cases it may even be essential. Every person and every situation is different. This isn’t an open invitation to question her about everything she’s doing or text him about your last break-up, use your best judgement. If you both genuinely like each other, most of the time what you text won’t even matter too much.