Airports Make Room For Private Jets Arriving For Super Bowl 2014

by Lauren Scrudato

The majority of Super Bowl 2014 attendees will be arriving to the game through public transportation, but tri-state airports are prepping for an influx of landings on their runways for those who can afford to fly via private jet.

Teterboro Airport is the most popular choice due to its close proximity to MetLife Stadium with around 600 reservations thus far, but Newark International, Kennedy International, Essex County, Westchester County and Morristown Municipal airports are all options for private fliers. They all require reservations and the cost of a flight ranges in price based on the size of the jet and miles of travel. The least expensive round trip from Denver, the Bronco’s home city, is listed for a midsize jet that can hold 7-8 passengers and has a $36,000 price tag. But a 10-15 passenger heavy jet with a cabin attendant, private lavatory and a full galley from Denver costs $70,000. This doesn’t include the extra fee from the airport of $250-$300 to offset their additional expenses due to the Super Bowl.

Taking a private jet to the Super Bowl may be the classiest form of transportation, but it will involve some headaches. The Federal Aviation Administration will enforce numerous no-fly zones from 4 p.m. to one hour after the game ends Sunday that will result in a shutdown of all air traffic within an eight mile radius of MetLife. Therefore, the waiting line to depart from local airports could be at least 2-3 hours.

Morristown Municipal Airport is well outside the no fly zone, being nearly 30 miles from the stadium, and may become a popular alternative for flyers who don’t want to wait. Morristown expects to close one of its shortest runways and use it as an additional plane parking lot for some of the 200 planes that are anticipated on arriving this week.

So, while middle-class folk will feel lucky to find a seat on the train this Super Bowl week, there will also be thousands of others who will have to squeeze their jet into a parking lot packed with similar private jets. Don’t forget where you parked!

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