Behind The Scenes: The Digest Team Races At Pole Position Raceway

by Lauren Scrudato

The Digest team lives by the work hard, play hard motto, so every once in awhile we take a break and free our minds from writing and designing. Last Friday, some members of our team had the opportunity to partake in a little friendly competition at Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City.

Jason hugging the turns like a pro.

Jason hugging the turns like a pro.

To be honest, I always assumed go-kart racing was an activity children who aren’t old enough to drive real cars were attracted to, but we let our inner children roam free and found out who among us has the biggest lead foot.

Our publisher Jason set us up so that we could compete against each other in three races. The first was a warm up, and the second determined where we were positioned for the final race to determine the winner.

Before hopping into our go-karts, we signed a waiver, watched a safety video and picked out helmets. And then with a flip of the helmet’s protective mask, we went from all smiles to giving each other the stink eye.

Jason was confident he could outdrive us, but I managed to surprise him by taking first place. Our associate publisher Dave went from being the underdog to the silver medalist, and Jason rounded out the podium with the bronze.

Victory lap!

Victory lap!

When our races were finished, I walked out to my Hyundai Sante Fe and had some difficulties adjusting from cruising and drifting on a tiny go-kart to navigating a much larger, real-life SUV on an actual road as I commuted home.

Our outing at Pole Position Raceway turned out to be a great end to the week and the Pole Position crew will cater to any group outing like ours. Check out what they offer here.

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Lauren is a writer and blogger for The Digest. A lifelong Sussex County resident, Lauren has adventured out of the sticks of northwest New Jersey to join The Digest team. When she is not commuting in rush hour traffic, she is typically frolicking outdoors or cheering on the Yankees.

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