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Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week: 365grateful

by Lauren Scrudato



The new year encompasses hope, change and bettering ourselves, which is why we have chosen 365grateful as the Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week.

365grateful isn’t a brand new idea — it originated in 2008 — but it’s message continues to spread across the internet, and this week is the perfect time to share the project and start your own version.

Mother and wife Hailey Bartholomew began to feel out of sorts with her life and had trouble finding the good aspects of her day-to-day routine. After seeking counsel from a nun, Bartholomew began to write down one thing she was grateful for each day. Her project progressed into taking a photograph of what brought her positivity each day and she ended up sharing the year-long results on Flickr.

“Seeing and celebrating the good in my life affected not only the way I felt spiritually and physically, but it improved my relationships with others too,” Bartholomew writes on her website.

365grateful won this week’s best idea not only because it is timely for the new year, but because it is also uplifting and relatable. Most of us can agree that at one point in our lives we have felt lost in what we were doing with our time — mine occurred after graduating college and having no idea how I’d land a solid job in the journalism field.

But 365grateful reminds us to not always dwell on the negative and “resolve” to fix things every January, and instead appreciate the good that we wake up to each morning.

Watch Bartholomew's project and check out her website here.

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