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Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week: Alcohockey.

by Lauren Scrudato

Canada has a reputation of consistently producing a pretty solid hockey team, so it makes sense that two Canadians, Nate Wawrzonek and Edward Ilnicki, recently invented Alcohockey – a combination of beer pong and air hockey. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t thought of earlier, because it looks pretty genius.
Wawrzonek posted the photo of the duo’s creation on Imgur with this perfectly appropriate caption: “Alcohockey – Canadian variation of beer pong. I am inventor of this. I am drunk. I am Canadian.”

Alcohockey won the title of Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week, because these two Canadians beautifully melded two classic games into a superior one. There have been plenty of other variations of beer pong thrown out there (civil war, baseball, chandeliers, etc.), but none resurface memories of hanging around in your basement with your friends as a teen, ferociously hitting that flat puck back and forth until it flips off the table and smacks you in the face.

The joys of childhood, reinvented for 21+ adulthood.

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