Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week: Super Bowl Surprise

by Lauren Scrudato

Most of the media’s attention regarding this year’s Super Bowl focuses on the commercials, the pre-game celebrations in New York and New Jersey, Metlife Stadium, and the potential issues with weather and transportation. But our choice for the Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week showcases a more humble point of view about the big game.

The “Super Bowl Surprise” Youtube video of a 30-year-old son surprising his mother with Super Bowl tickets has gone viral in the last few days, so there’s a good chance you’ve already seen the footage. But it is simply too heartwarming not to share, just in case a few of you have missed it.

In the one-minute video, you see one of the best reactions to a surprise ever. Mike Harris gives his mom, a Seahawks fanatic, a package that contains three tickets to the Super Bowl–one for himself, his mother, and his childhood best friend.

Along with the video, Harris wrote the whole back story on why this gift was so important.

Harris’s mom was unable to attend the welcome back party at Boeing Field after the Seahawks won the AFC Championship in 1983 because she was pregnant with Harris.

But after he was born, she instilled her love of the Seahawks into her son, and he describes fond memories of attending Seahawks games growing up. It was always the family’s dream to see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but financially it looked like that dream was out of reach.

Luckily, Harris happened to stumble upon a headline that said Super Bowl tickets were going for a discounted rate due to the chance of bad weather and transportation issues.

Harris snagged tickets in the tenth row behind the endzone for $1,000 less than what the price was just a week earlier.

This is the Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week because you cannot help but grin ear to ear watching mama’s reaction. As a son or daughter, it is nearly impossible to repay our parents for everything they do to help us be happy and successful, but Harris nails it. When you break it down, football is a simple sport that receives a ton of hype. While some people truly go to watch games because they want to cheer for their favorite team, a lot of others attend for the experience and to bond with loved ones. Harris gave the gift of a once in a lifetime experience to his mother, and seeing her genuine shock and gratitude makes you want to go home and hug your own mom.

Watch the video
here and try not to let out a loud “awwww” at work.



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