Change The Way You Feel Today

by Michael Scivoli

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Is it that afternoon caffeine crash, or just the fact that it’s Tuesday? Hey, it’s not like it’s Monday. You just can’t give Tuesdays that same disdain that you give Mondays. On second thought, it’s not even Hump Day, and you’re feeling stranded in the open water with the weekend nowhere in sight. Throw out that attitude, because you can change the way you feel today.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up all 7 days a week in the same mood you were in last Saturday morning? Well, it all starts with you and being happy at your job because let’s face it, work is a part of life. Okay, so maybe you might not feel happy at work. Luckily attitude is an action, not a feeling. So the first step you can take today is to change your attitude. There is no finish line in life but there can be a starting point. Aside from loving what we do everyday, here are some of the things the staff at The Digest does to stay passionate:

1. Take up a hobby outside of work that excites you. The happiness you get from this activity will follow you through all aspects of your life.  You will be surprised how different you feel; even your friends and family will notice a change in your mood.

2. Work with your co-workers. Stop holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. Help your co-workers and in return they will help you.

3. Invest in people. Take the time to help someone in need. The positivity you’re getting from developing relationships with others will make you feel good.

4. Get active, everyday. Okay, so you’re not fifteen anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join a local softball league or go for a bike ride. Exercise releases endorphins!  If you have a desk job, remember to stand up and stretch every so often to get the blood flowing.

5. Remember to laugh. Keep your work environment playful and funny. No one is asking you to become the office clown, but you can still have fun and be productive.


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Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of New Jersey Digest, COO of X Factor Media, and an avid writer. Growing up in Bergen County, he discovered his passion for words while in Friday detention. Michael loves kayaking, a fat glass of Nebbiolo, and over-editing.

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