Everyone Loves Autumn And Here’s Why

by Lauren Scrudato

Hot days are holding out this week as the first of October rolls in, but despite summer’s stubbornness, you can’t help but embrace the autumn season. Everyone loves autumn and here’s why:

1. Scenery. There’s a reason hotels in mountainous areas bump up their room rates because of the “fall foliage season” — we’re willing to pay extra to see it. Only Mother Nature can look that good on the verge of death. The simple act of driving down a rural road turns into a photo opportunity, and everyone loves a classic autumn shot.

2. Beverages. Alcoholic or not, the best drinks to consume are during autumn. Apple cider (hard or regular) and pumpkin spiced lattes or martinis beat out any other seasonal beverage.

3. Comfort food. Anyone can feel like a professional chef/baker by following simple recipes to make the best autumn comfort food — gingersnap cookies, butternut squash, apple pie, beef stew, chili, the list goes on. And you have the added fun of picking your ingredients straight from the field as opposed to enduring a mundane trip to the grocery store.


4. Cuddle weather. Autumn is the time for self reflection and love. As the nights get chillier, we can’t help but want to find a cuddle buddy to keep us warm.

5. Best sports across the board. Baseball playoff games and the peak of football season collide. Autumn tailgating is also another perk of the season.

6. Bonfires & s’mores. Even though this can also be considered a summer activity, autumn bonfires are much more enjoyable without the humidity and bugs in the air.


7. New TV series. When sports aren’t on, you still have to manage your Tivo to keep up with all of the dramatic new TV series launched in autumn. Once you find your cuddle buddy, you can spend your autumn nights under a blanket together watching the newest episode of Blacklist.

8. Holidays. The first of which is Halloween: The one day of the year you can dress up however you choose, free of judgment. Then there’s Thanksgiving, the day to disregard all healthy eating restrictions and stuff your face with a feast of food and alcohol alongside your loved ones. Yes, please.

9. Clothes. The opportunity arises to always feel cozy yet stylish by wearing layers, sweaters, boots, flannels and hats. The added bonus for classy girls — we no longer need to see super short shorts and practically nude girls running around in the summer heat.


10. No Shave November. This may not be an appealing aspect to every girl out there, but guys, you have an excuse to be lazy with shaving and have it be socially acceptable. Totally commit to the rugged outdoorsman look by adding the flannels mentioned above.

11. Oktoberfests. Over sized beer steins, German food, delicious beer, rowdiness. Enough said.

12. Everyone wants to be one with nature. The crisp air and mother nature’s beauty gives all of us the urge to go hiking or camping as much as possible. There’s only a limited number of precious nice weather days before winter’s fury reigns on us.

13. Releasing your inner child. Jumping in leaf piles, going to haunted houses, taking hay rides, carving pumpkins, walking through corn mazes — all activities that both adults and children can equally enjoy.

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Anything that should be added to the list? Let us know!

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