Far Hills Race Meeting aka The Hunt

by Michael Scivoli

Far Hills Race Meeting aka The Hunt

It’s mid-October, and that means we’re only a few days away from The Hunt. I’m talking about the Far Hills Race Meeting at Moorland Farms this Saturday, of course. Every October more than 35,000 people venture from the metropolitan area to attend this Breeders Cup Steeplechase Horse Race. The upscale event has become known to many in Hoboken as “The Hunt”, because as TV writer/analyst Joe Concha points out in his article “The Hunt for Bed October”, it is a day that mixes society and sport (read Joe’s full article here). Although the love of horses is genuine, the event itself has much more to offer than just racing, including entertainment tents, wine tasting, and vendor shopping. Amidst the autumn foliage and red wine, some attendees are oblivious to the race itself. For them, this event serves as a social platform, or even a last chance to find someone to hibernate with for the winter.

The Far Hills Race Meeting has been going strong for over 90 years and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. Not only is the event one of New Jersey’s largest social gatherings of the year, but the Far Hills Race is also the place for a good time and some serious people watching. If you want to partake in the soon-to-be century-long tradition, hop on a bus this Saturday and head out to Moorland Farms. Just remember not to show up Saturday morning over-intoxicated, or your hunt will be over before it’s begun.

For more information, visit Far Hills Race or call 908-685-2522.

Date/Time: Saturday, October 19, 2013 | 8:00 a.m.

Location: Moorland Farms, 50 Rt. 202, Far Hills, New Jersey

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