Improve Your Overall Wellness With The Alexander Technique

by Lauren Scrudato

Not enjoying what you see as you begin to age? Take advantage of the lessons you can learn on the art of aging at the Hoboken Public Library on Oct. 23 at 6 p.m.

In honor of International Alexander Technique Awareness Week, Center Studio is featuring a campaign that includes a free lecture and demonstration entitled, “Look, Feel, And Grow Younger With The Alexander Technique” at the library. The purpose of the Alexander technique is to help people unlearn bad physical habits and return to a balanced state of rest and poise to ensure their body is well-aligned.

Morgan Rysdon, owner of Center Studio, has seen success in her students’ health by utilizing the Alexander Technique. One student named Troy reported, “My posture was poor and I had chronic neck pain. My pain was relieved and, surprisingly, my posture now attracts daily compliments.” Center Studio is a haven for people looking to reduce stress, alleviate chronic pain and improve posture.
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