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by Swarna Gowtham
nj cat cafes

A cappuccino, a book in hand, and a cat to snuggle – purrhaps one of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon. The concept of a dog/cat cafe started in Taiwan. Residents with small apartments that couldn’t accommodate pets would visit these places to gain some comfort in the presence of animals. The craze soon spread, and can now be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world. Including NJ, where there are four cat cafes throughout the state.

For those who find an animal’s company therapeutic, they serve as a great space to unwind and get some work done. That is if the cuteness of the felines doesn’t distract you too much. Some cat cafes even offer adoption services. If you’re not up to being a pet owner just yet, they’re still a cool place to hang. Here are some cat cafes and lounges you need to visit in NJ to get your much-needed dose of cat paw-someness.

1. Rahway Kitty Hall – Rahway, NJ

NJ Cat Cafes

Photo courtesy of @rahwaykittyhall

In an effort to reduce the homeless cat population, Rahway Kitty Hall opened a shop in January 2017. It serves as an environment where you can look for a potential furry friend to adopt, or a place where you can relax and work in the presence of cats. Its cats come from Angel Paws, a rescue facility focused on saving cats from kill shelters. The cats that are brought to the cafe are all tested and vaccinated for any diseases they may carry. The cats’ health and diet are monitored regularly, and they are taken care of very well. Rahway Kitty Hall does have certain rules that patrons must follow to ensure that the experience is pleasant for both the cats and the humans. For more information on Rahway Kitty Hall, visit their website

2. PURRsonal Space – Palmyra, NJ

NJ Cat Cafes

Photo courtesy of @PURRsonalSpace

This cafe is located in South Jersey’s Palmyra. Like other cat cafes, it shares the mission of finding loving homes for displaced and homeless cats. PURRsonal space is an official NJ Nonprofit Cat Rescue. It rescues cats and kittens from shelters and brings them to their cat lounge so they can be introduced to potential new families. Visitors have to book an appointment before meeting the cats, however, PURRSonal uses social media to introduce its cats and inform the public about upcoming fundraisers and events. For more information or to book an appointment visit its Facebook and website

3. Cambria’s Haven – Roselle Park, NJ

NJ Cat Cafes

Photo courtesy of @CambriasHavenCatCafe

Cambria’s Haven’s origins are somber. Husband and wife, Freddy and Sierra, lost three of their pets to a house fire in 2016, one of whom was their precious two-year-old dog, Cambria. Though devastated, they decided to create something in their pets’ honor, something positive that would introduce animals in need to new families. That something was Cambria’s Haven, a cat cafe where patrons are allowed to enjoy the company of cats and possibly adopt them. Cambria’s Haven collaborates with local vendors and artists as well in order to make the cafe experience the best it can be. For more info, visit its website.

4. Catsbury Park – Location TBA

NJ Cat Cafes

Photo courtesy of @catsburypark

Initially located in Asbury Park, this cat cafe served as a place where people can introduce themselves to adoptable cats while enjoying a cup of coffee. Due to COVID, it has been required to stay closed since March 2020. In an effort to use its funds to rescue and take care of its cats rather than pay rent for its space, the cafe announced that it would close its location in Asbury Park. The good news is that Catsbury Park plans to open a new location at the end of 2021. For now, however, it’s still accepting applications for fostering and adopting cats. Visit Catsbury Park’s website and Instagram for more information and updates. 

Main photo by Yerlin Matu

Do you plan on visiting these NJ cat cafes in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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