The Best Idea We’ve Heard All Week: P&G Thank You, Mom

by Michael Scivoli

Best Idea We’ve Heard All Week: P&G Thank You, Mom

If the Super Bowl shows us one thing, it’s that viewers love funny commercials. P&G’s latest, produced by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, depicts the stories of moms who help their Winter Olympic athletes every step of the way — from abc’s to alpine skiing. The commercial embodies the idea that when you fall, mom is there to pick you back up. In truth, this montage is a real ode to good mothers everywhere who invest everything in their children. But don’t take our word for it, check it out:

Like the cliche courtroom scene from Big Daddy, I think I’ll give mom a call.

This style of storytelling does more than just advertise the brands; you totally forget you’re watching a commercial and suddenly find yourself invested in each of these kids as they grow up overcoming adversity with mom. The stories also help to humanize the Olympic athlete —  these are real people with real mothers. I think it’s safe to say that P&G and the Winter Olympics have the first tearjerker of 2014. Thanks for picking them back up, Mom.

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