Red Pick Music Guitar Lessons

by Sebastian Krawiec

There is probably a statistic out there for the number of acoustic guitars that sit in American households gathering dust. There is probably another statistic for the number of people who pledged to teach themselves the guitar this new year, only to be daunted flipping through the instructional book. If you fall within that statistic, your best bet to blow the dust off that guitar and get to work would be guitar lessons from Red Pick Music in Jersey City.

Bilgehan Tuncer of Red Pick Music has been playing the guitar for 27 years, and has received a B.M. in Guitar Performance from Berklee College of Music. The definition of a professional, Bil can teach and play all genres and has collaborated with the likes of artists like Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding. Teaching all levels from beginner to advanced,  Bilgehan’s guitar lessons provide the structure and support required for learning the instrument.

The other day when I was stuck in traffic on my way to work, I took a gander into my neighbor’s window, bearing witness to a grown man banging his head and strumming on an imaginary guitar. Traffic moved, there was the blare of a horn and he proceeded the two feet, blushing and turning his volume down. But for 45 seconds he was Angus Young skipping across the stage in his Catholic school uniform. That story is actually about me, and you, and you, and, yes, you. We all daydream about rock stardom, and even though many of us won’t be rock stars, there is still a great deal of satisfaction in performing, whether it’s for your girlfriend, family members or a crowd at an open mic. But we all have to walk before we can run, so contact Red Pick Music for guitar lessons and fulfill your daydreams.

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