Signs of Spring In New Jersey

by Lauren Scrudato

Almost a month after spring technically began, we’re just now feeling it in all its glory. I knew this weekend was the unofficial notice that warm weather is here to stay because I was content with sitting on a lawn chair drinking a beer all day. Here are some extra signs of spring for us to enjoy:

Exercise resolutions are back.

I must have seen over two dozen bikers and runners per hour getting their workout in yesterday. Now that exercising is enjoyable again, everyone who was discouraged to work out due to winter’s fury is picking up where they left off with their resolutions from January 1.

Sidewalk smiles.

There’s no longer a need to shield yourself from the elements or have a staring contest with the ground as you walk down the street. You now have the freedom to actually look up and take in the sights as you travel without getting pelted with rain, snow or wind. What a feeling.

Outdoor activities.
Local farmers markets will start opening up this month featuring fruits and veggies at their prime. People will also be flocking to outdoor concert venues, wineries, garage sales and golf courses on weekends instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix.


If you have gotten to travel outside the city, you’ll hear how excited the crickets are to be back. All day and night you can hear them cheering on Mother Nature in unison. They may even be happier than us about it.

The only downer to the spring season is the onset of allergies. Those lucky non allergy sufferers are all smiles while the rest of us carry tissue boxes at all times.

Day drinking season.
Barbecues and beers before noon on a Saturday is now a regular tradition for those of us that can still handle the hangover on Sunday. And seasonal beers like Sam Adams Alpine Spring and Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy fill coolers to reinforce the fact that warm weather is here to stay.

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