How to Stay Healthy This Winter

by Abby Montanez
stay healthy this winter

‘Tis the season to get sick. With the holidays rounding the corner and cooler temperatures settling in, it’s only a matter of time till we fall victim to the flu or come down with the common cold. Accepting your fate is half the battle, and we want to talk you through what you can do at the first sign of symptoms. Here are some of our best tips to help you stay healthy this winter:

See a doctor
First and foremost, know what you’re dealing with. While you may think it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a cold, flu or allergies — we advise leaving it up to the experts. Getting an accurate diagnosis right away can positively impact your treatment and cut down your sick time all together. Urgent care centers such as PromptMD are a great, cost-effective option that save you from running to the hospital at the start of a sneeze. PromptMD offers a personalized approach to health care with a wide range of medical care options that are not only convenient, but more advanced than traditional offices. You can visit their locations in either Hoboken or Edgewater and walk-ins are welcome. 

Plenty of sleep
A study from Sleep journal found that “people who sleep six hours a night or less are four times more likely to get sick after being exposed to the cold virus.” It may seem like an impossible task for some, but it’s recommended we get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night in order to properly fight off any potential viruses. When you start feeling like you’re coming down with something, do your best to slow down, get to bed early or take the day off if you have to.

Vitamins & Minerals
It’s time to take your medicine. Whether vitamins are a part of your daily routine or not, popping some Vitamin C or Zinc tablets within 24 hours of the start of your symptoms can help cut back your cough or sniffles. The best part is that they’re available over-the-counter and act as a more natural cold and flu remedy.

Immunity-boosting foods
A balanced diet is key in helping you stay healthy this winter. The right nutrients can support your body in order to fight off any potential illnesses, along with alleviate the symptoms and speed up recovery. Obvious things like chicken soup, bananas and oatmeal are great options to consider.

Stay hydrated
Not only can staying adequately hydrated prevent you from getting sick in the first place, it can help reduce cold and flu symptoms when you’re already not feeling well. Increasing your fluid intake helps to prevent dehydration caused by a fever, vomiting or diarrhea and warm liquids can aid in clearing congestion or soothing a sore throat.


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