Tommy Devito’s Agent Pulls Fast One On a Morristown Pizzeria (Updated)

Updated December 20, 10:15 a.m.

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Updated December 20, 10:15 a.m.

One of New Jersey’s top-rated pizzerias, Coniglio’s in Morristown, NJ, has announced that they had to cancel their planned event with Giants’ Quarterback Tommy Devito. The event was scheduled for Tuesday, December 19 and would feature two hours of autographs from the young QB.  However, Devito saved face with a surprise visit to the pizzeria on Tuesday night, without his agent accompanying him.

Devito and the Coniglio’s team enjoyed hand-mixed sodas, pizzas and more together. According to NY Post, Devito’s agent, Sean Stellato, has been replaced as his marketing representative and the Giants’ QB will return to Coniglio’s in January to work behind the counter and sign autographs.

Tommy Devito

Tommy Devito makes the situation right, paying a visit to Coniglio’s in Morristown, NJ

Coniglio’s put out a statement saying that following Devito’s win against the Packers last Monday, Stellato attempted to double the price on Coniglio’s owner Nino Congilio. The new cost was too much for the Morristown pizzeria to afford. 

Following up to solidify the event, Stellato looked to raise the price from $10,000 for two hours and 250 autographs to $20,000 for the same parameters. When Coniglio’s felt the price was too steep, Stellato went ghost. Coniglio’s put out a statement as soon as they realized the event would have to be canceled: “Unfortunately, we have to cancel the Tommy Devito event at Coniglio’s on Tuesday. Tommy’s agent decided to double the price on us after the win on Monday. He has not returned our calls so it is best to let everyone know ASAP that Coniglio’s will not be hosting Tommy on the 19th.”

In a future Instagram post, Coniglio’s went on to say “We are a small family-run business and decided $20,000 was a bit steep for two hours.”

According to ESPN, Stellato reached out stating that a contract was never signed or agreed upon, but Coniglio’s quickly countered, stating that the agreement was made “in principle” and that immediately following the win against the Packers, the agreement doubled in price. Instant message proof of the agreed price was even provided. 

Tommy Devito made the situation right by paying a visit to the pizzeria on Tuesday evening. Coniglio’s documented his time at the shop on their Instagram.  After all, why wouldn’t Devito want to visit? They’re still one of the best pizzerias in New Jersey.

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randy ungerleider December 19, 2023 - 3:47 pm

Screw the agent…glad they stood up. DeVito was a bully in high school anyway. Not a fan.


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