How Many Miles Do Semi Trucks Last?

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Without a doubt, semi-trucks are some of the most loved automobiles in America. You’ll be surprised to know that there are over 3.5 million truck owners in the country and for them, their trucks are their pride and joy. The trucking culture is well-knitted in the US, especially in states such as California and Texas where the majority of residents use trucks not just for work but as a family car as well as for their daily commute! 

There’s no doubt in the fact that semi-trucks have very versatile utility, offer power and size for those who love them, and are just great vehicles overall but how long do these trucks last?

Unlike your regular 4-door sedan, semi-trucks are built to last! These muscular metal monsters not just offer extensive versatility but are probably the most reliable automobiles out there! Their suspension, engine, body frame, and tires are specifically made to last long driving hours through years and years! But still many truckers, especially new owners wonder how many miles can they get out of their semi-trucks.

In this blog post, we are going to have a detailed discussion on how many miles semi-trucks last. In addition to that, what are some factors that affect the mileage of these metal beasts? Stay with us till the end to find out!

Semi Truck Longevity – An Introduction 

Although semi-trucks are built tough, they cannot last forever and that’s especially true here in New Jersey where the roads are seldom maintained, and the winter weather takes a toll on all types of cars and trucks. It is important to understand that they are not like heavy-duty loader trucks and have a limited lifespan which is still quite long as compared to other automobiles. Furthermore, a semi-truck’s longevity is affected by various factors and can be enhanced as well! 

Factors That Affect How Long A Commercial Truck Lasts

There are multiple factors that affect the lifespan of a semi-truck. For example, one of the most primary factors that determines how long a truck will last is its maintenance. If a truck is maintained properly, it will be able to reach its maximum life limit and even beyond that!

In addition to that, how much the truck is driven daily also has a significant impact on its life. The average person drives a truck around a hundred miles each day, and that lifespan will be longer when compared to a truck that is driven a thousand miles per day. Furthermore, driver behavior which means how the truck was driven, nature of use, quality of tires and replaced parts, and the type of terrain it is driven on also have a direct impact on its longevity. 

How Many Miles Do Semi Trucks Last? 

Typically, semi-trucks can last anywhere from 700,000 to 750,000 miles which means that if a person drives their truck around 45,000 miles per year, it will give them a lifespan of around 15 years. This is quite exceptional when compared to a regular car which only lasts for around 200,000 miles. 

Ways to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Semi Truck 

There are many different ways to maximize the lifespan of your semi-truck. Regular maintenance and checking of essential systems is extremely important if you want your truck to give you more years. 

It is important that you ensure that the tires are replaced on time, the engine oil is changed regularly, and keep inspecting your brakes, radiator and fuel vent. In addition to that, make sure to keep the moving parts greased to get the most out of your semi-truck. 

There’s no doubt in the fact that on top of being exceptional automobiles in various ways, semi-trucks also are of great value! You can even get a title loan on your semi-truck! However, unless the loan amount in addition to the fees and interest as agreed are paid, you might have to face a title loan repo so keep that in mind when you’re looking to leverage the value of your truck to pay for everyday expenses.

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