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The information can be presented in different ways and the audience can perceive it both auditory and visionary. The lectures require an auditory perception to listen and practical applications require the audience to observe the process. However, the presentation is a means which allows the auditory to both listen and observe. 


When presenting your PowerPoint presentation you need to work on two different aspects: visualization and narration. The audience expects you to create a nice design and work on the compiling story to make watching the presentation interesting. If you do not want to spend so much time working on all the aspects of the presentation you can simply entrust it to the professionals on the mypaperdone.com who can easily make your presentation with flying colors. Yet, if you want not only to use the services such as mypaperdone.com but also know how to do the PowerPoint presentation by yourself we will provide a quick guide for you.

How to Start a PowerPoint Presentation

There are a few strategies to start working on your presentation, which can be combined or used independently.

Choose Design

To start your presentation you first need to choose the design. For that, you should think about which of the designs presented in the PowerPoint suits your topic best. For instance, if your dissertation is about healthcare, calm colors such as green or blue would be good. You should also think about the visuals which you can create yourself or download some pictures from the internet. It is recommended to use stock images from open sources, such as Pexels, which allow downloading images for free. However, you are welcome to use any other services as long as you cite them.

Create a Plan or Outline

After you have the design of the presentation on your mind it is time to create the outline for the content. Use Word documents or any other platform that allows the creation of textual files. And start writing your plan there. You need to create the content for each slide one by one, for example:

  • Slide 1: in this presentation, we will cover the topic of environmental pollution.
  • Slide 2: environmental pollution is often caused by humans and the results of their production

This is an example of how you should format your plan for that presentation. After you have created the content it is time to place it on the real presentation slides.


These are the two main formatting tips to start your presentation. However, you should also not forget about creating a title page with the name of your presentation and the name of the author (your name).

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is a pretty interesting and engaging process if you know how to make it simple and fun. We will tell you the main tips that will make your creation process easier:

  • Use bullet points: bullet points are the greatest way to present the information on the slides of the presentation. They are simple and concise and allow the reader to quickly understand the information and remember it. You can use as many bullet points as you need as long as your slide is not crowded. The recommended size of the sentence for the bullet points is from 5 to 7 words. Your sentences should convey the main information concisely.
  • Use speaker notes: bullet points should be a presentation of your speaker notes. While you should keep bullet points simple the speaker notes can be as extensive as you need or the topic requires. They can be found under each slide and you could fill them with the necessary content. It will be easy for you to switch the slides and read the information located under them.
  • Wise use of visuals: while looking for visuals is an engaging process not all presentations need them. Some professors may not be happy to see visuals for some serious topics such as finances or business. While the use of statistics and graphs is always appropriate because it allows for simpler comprehension of information, the use of all ordinary images should be wisely considered. You need to include images only when you should provide some examples or if your presentation should be as creative as possible. However, your visuals should not overshadow the bullet points. Otherwise, the readers will be distracted by them and will not remember the information you want to tell.

Additionally, you can also record your voice reading the speaker notes and present your PowerPoint in a video form. The choice of whether to record that information or read it by yourself depends on the requirements of the professor or your own preferences.

How to End a PowerPoint Presentation

The ending of your presentation should also be chosen wisely so we will provide you with some ideas of how you can end your presentation:

  1. You can create a concluding slide which presents all the main points which have been discussed in the presentation
  2. You can add the final question and discussion slide which encourages the auditory to ask questions for clarification.
  3. You can create a “Thank you” slide in which you express gratitude for the viewers of your PowerPoint, which can be simply designed this way “Thank you for watching”

These were a few ideas of how people usually end their presentations. However, you can also think of your own way to conclude your presentation and you can look for some examples here.

Order PowerPoint Presentation Online

If you don’t feel like you want to work on the design and the content for your presentation you always have the choice to order the presentation online. You should simply go to the platform which offers services with homework help. Specialists at such platforms can help you with different types of assignments including PowerPoint presentations.

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