Hoboken’s Starr Tutoring Announces “Starr On The Go” Services

by Lauren Scrudato

After sitting at tiny desks and staring at chalkboards for eight hours a day at school, the idea of doing additional school work or studying can be absolutely daunting for children.

Owner and founder of Starr Tutoring, Whitney Starr Moll, understands the struggles of learning and used her personal experience as inspiration to open her own tutoring center in Hoboken in 2012.


"Academics didn't always come naturally to me, as I often sought extra support from my parents and teachers,” said Moll.  “With the help of others, I learned patience, confidence and most importantly, the techniques that would allow me to flourish and grow. These are the attributes I carry with me each day.”


Starr Tutoring’s classes are known for being customized to each child’s needs and learning styles. Before any lessons even begin, a NJ State Certified tutor meets with your child and conducts an assessment to determine your child’s learning style and what subjects they need to focus on. Through positive reinforcement and incentive-based teaching methods, your child will fall in love with learning. Students are awarded stars for their hard work and success and the stars accumulate in their own Star Jar. The stars can then be exchanged for prizes.

stars“We ensure that each lesson is tailored to each child's individual needs and that they remain enjoyable,” said Moll.


Now that Moll has received such positive feedback from her Hoboken business, she has now initiated the “Starr on the Go” program available in Wayne, NJ and the surrounding areas. “Starr on the Go” eliminates the hassle of transporting your child to and from a tutoring center each day. Instead, you can schedule a NJ State Certified Tutor to come directly to your house on weeknights or the weekend.

School work and learning does not have to automatically be thought of as a chore for your child. It is possible to make learning enjoyable, and Starr Tutoring knows how to connect fun and entertainment with education.

For more information on Starr Tutoring's services call 973.865.2107.
To receive educational tips for your children, visit Starr’s Facebook page.

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