Fun Indoor Activities to Get You Out This Winter

by Michael Scivoli

Fun Indoor Activities to Get You Out This Winter


The warm weather seems so far away, and that’s because it is. Let’s face it, you haven’t been going out as much as you usually do for fear of having to dodge sheets of ice on the sidewalk. So it’s time for you to pop that winter snuggie bubble and get out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry — these suggestions will keep you (relatively) dry and warm. Here are some fun indoor activities to get you off the couch and away from the fireplace.



Indoor Ice Skating

This is for those of us who want the real thing without the wind chill. Ice skating indoors is a great way to blow off some steam with someone while still getting to know them. Even as a kid, this was something I always looked forward to. You can head over to Chelsea Piers’ Sky Rink across the river, or up the road to Ice House in Hackensack.


Murder Mystery Dinner/Interactive Theater

This may diverge from your everyday radius of comfort, but nothing snaps you into focus quite like trying things you wouldn’t normally participate in. Check out Sanai’s in Jersey City for a Clue-like murder mystery dinner; you can even schedule a private party. Or if you think you can brave the elementals for a bit and your inner CSI is calling, head to the Lower East Side to check out Live IN Theater for a more interaction experience.


Indoor Rock Climbing

We human beings were never meant to live a sedentary life. Get out there and explore what you’re capable of doing. Indoor rock climbing might feel a bit like cheating on nature, but hey, it’s cold outside! Good indoor rock climbing spots include places like The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers and Gravity Vault in Chatham.


Wine Tasting/Brewery Tour

Whether you prefer IPA or Cabernet, sampling drinks with friends is a great, inexpensive way to get out and loosen up. Drink local and check out NJ Beer Co. for tours and tastings. Court Street Restaurant & Bar in Hoboken also features Saturday afternoon sit-down wine tastings.



According to Collective-Evolution, about two hours a week of helping others is good for your mental well-being, and of course, you’ll also be helping someone who needs you. You can visit to find volunteer opportunities ranging from tutoring kids to playing Bingo with veterans right in your hometown.


Dine-In Movie Theater

There’s nothing like having someone serve you food and alcohol while you sit back in a recliner and enjoy a good movie. Many of these places also have call buttons at each seat, and the service is usually great. One of my favorite options is AMC’s Dine-In Theater in West Orange. They have a full bar and you can get your seat in advance, so don’t worry if you’re running late. What better time of year to try this out than winter?


BYOB Art Classes

Now don’t over do it, but lowering your inhibitions a tad might just help open up the artist in you. It’s great to bring a bottle of wine to these classes, just make sure you bring a couple friends to help you drink it (groups usually get a discount). Check out ARTeVino Studio right here in the Monroe Center in Hoboken.


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