The Difference Between Success and Failure Starts With a Handshake

by Michael Scivoli

Whether you have that big interview this week or your business etiquette could use a jump start, you may need to consider a crash course in handshaking.  Sure, everyone has gotten bad handshakes from somebody before, but how often do you stop to think about your own?  I mean really think about it.  When you’re meeting someone new, your handshake is everything.  Handshaking is a transfer of your energy, your emotion, your intentions and who you are.  We’ve all met those people who give us that “dead fish” handshake, or the people who insist on crushing our hand into a tiny cube.  Are you a bad handshake offender?

 Something you may not know: There are thousands of dense nerve endings in your hands and fingertips.  If a handshake is carried out correctly by both parties, the nerves in your skin will meet with theirs.  This creates a transfer of energy.  If your energy is negative, that’s what you’ll be transferring to your new acquaintance/future boss.  Think of a phrase you want this particular new person to feel as your nerves clasp with theirs.  A handshake is like a relationship, you can only be accountable for your 50%.  But it’s your job to carry out that 50% flawlessly, every time.

 So what is a good handshake?  A good handshake starts with your eyes.  Be sure you are actually making eye contact with the other person, not the linoleum floor or the new loafers you bought yourself at Aldo.   You want to convey a friendly and confident attitude (remember to visualize).  Extend your hand slightly downward with your thumb pointed up.  Then slide your hand into theirs so that your palms touch, and apply the right amount of comfortable pressure without crushing their hand (latch onto their hand with your pinky and ring finger to ensure the palms touch).  You should be thinking of how you want this person to perceive you as your palms connect.

 Things to keep in mind: Dry off  those sweaty palms of yours; no one likes a wet hand.  Keep your second hand to yourself.  Do not cup your hand or else your palms won’t  touch. Finally, don’t smack the other person’s hand, slide your palms together to create perfect harmony.  Remember, life is all about energy.  Your energy can be conveyed in something as simple as a handshake.  Like attracts like, forget about opposites.  If you have a positive mood, you’re more likely to attract someone with a similar mood.  This applies whether you’re in the business world or just socially networking. The difference between success and failure starts with a handshake.


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Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of New Jersey Digest, COO of X Factor Media, and an avid writer. Growing up in Bergen County, he discovered his passion for words while in Friday detention. Michael loves kayaking, a fat glass of Nebbiolo, and over-editing.

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