Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to Open in Hoboken

by Julia Valenti
Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Hoboken

Sometimes, life is simple. Other times, choosing between which takeout you want to order can prove one of life’s hardest decisions. Are you in the mood for Chinese, a classic deli sandwich, maybe a burger? What about breakfast for dinner? Just as “hanger” is a real and serious emotion, so is the strong sense of regret you can feel when you take the road less traveled (and end up wishing you had just stuck with pizza). With Manhattan’s Brooklyn Dumpling Shop expanding to a secondary Hoboken location this spring, you can consider this dilemma a thing of the past.

Founded in 2019 by NYC restauranteur Stratis Morfogen, the unconventional dumpling shop pays homage to his family trade. Though Morfogen now leads successful establishments such as the Gotham City Diner and Hilltop Diner, among others, his family has been operating in the New York diner industry for decades. Inspired by his legacy, Morfogen had the ingenious idea to adapt some of his diner favorites into a more compact, dumpling form. In collaboration with Beijing-born chef Skinny Mei, the team has cultivated more than 30 innovative dumpling recipes which incorporate the flavors of all your favorite comfort foods.

Such mouth-watering options include the bacon, egg, and cheese; the 3-Blend Burger; Pepperoni Pizza; Philly Cheesesteak; and the Chicken Parm. If you prefer something even more experimental, they have also included options such as the Peanut Butter and Jelly, the Impossible Burger, Spanakopita and a wide range of dessert dumplings that come served with ice cream. If traditional dumplings are more your style, they of course have that too. With access to all these diverse combinations at your fingertips, you can rest assured that not a single craving will go unsatisfied.

The Return of the Automat

Among the many things that sets the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop apart is their vision of an entirely contactless restaurant experience, made possible by the reintroduction of the automat. First, customers order their meal either through their phone or the touch-free kiosks scattered throughout the site. Then, food is transported from the kitchen to the two-way automat. Glowing red when the order is placed, the automat will eventually turn yellow and finally green, which means the meal is ready for pickup. These temperature-controlled appliances will store your food and keep it fresh until then, if necessary for hours at a time. Though the Manhattan location will operate at 24 hours a day, its Hoboken counterpart plans to stay open until midnight every night and expand its hours from there.

Dating back to the early 20th century, the shop’s adherence to these once-retro, colorfully-lit devices could not be a more modern solution to dining in today’s climate. Who knew social distancing could look so trendy? Though only offering takeout for now, the restaurant plans to eventually provide seating for customers inside their Hoboken location. However, even with in-house dining taking place, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s goal to have as little interaction as possible with its patrons will remain.

When is Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Opening in Hoboken?

Surprisingly, the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s first location in the East Village has actually delayed its opening amid COVID-19 restrictions. According to Morfogen, the location will stay closed until Gov. Andrew Cuomo lifts the 10 p.m. curfew and they can operate at the optimal 24 hours a day. This has not stopped progress on its secondary establishment, however, which will be located on Hoboken’s historic Washington Street. Already undergoing renovations on its storefront, the shop and its delectable dumplings hope to serve the New Jersey population by April. In preparation for that exciting day, we’re going to start brainstorming our order now.

Looking forward to the opening of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in Hoboken? Check out their Instagram for information, updates and more!

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