Montclair’s Java Love Roasting Co. Celebrates 10 Years

by Erica Soya
java love montclair

Though New Jersey is flooded with plenty of popular coffee chains, Java Love Roasting Co. has put small-batch roasters on the map. Founded by Montclair couple Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik, Java Love specializes in fair trade, sustainably-grown coffee and organic teas.

Owners Dawson and Petrik have made tremendous strides through their creation of an LGBTQ, women-owned business. While these positions are mainly reserved for men, Java Love has broken the barrier, evidenced by their success.

They’re now the owners of four brick-and-mortar locations throughout New York and New Jersey. In addition, they’ve also partnered with over 50 restaurants and retailers. For the past 10 years, Java Love has gone above and beyond to ensure that their coffee empire is not just a business; but also a vessel for spreading love. (And it’s time to celebrate.)

java love montclair

Java Love owners, Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik, outside of their Suffern storefront l Photo courtesy of Java Love

How It Started

Java Love Roasting Co. humbly began in a small shop in Bethel, New York in May 2011. Dawson and Petrik, unable to find themselves a cup of coffee that they both enjoyed, set out to make a product that they hoped to share with coffee lovers all over town.

Though it was a major lifestyle shift, moving away from their careers as a psychologist and CNN executive, they were intent on creating something that emphasized love and sustainability. 

The couple found a small shop in Kauneonga Lake, working out of a space of only 400 square feet. Still, they enjoyed the ability to personally help their customers and bring their brand to life. As the company grew more popular, it was only after two short years that they were able to move into a new house nearby and transform the first floor into their own roastery and retail space.

java love montclair

The opening of Java Love in May 2011 in Bethel, New York l Photo courtesy of Java Love

With a small budget, Java Love was able to later open two additional brick-and-mortar locations in Montclair—the very town in which their kids attend school. The first on Bellevue Ave and the next, downtown on Church St. However, this increased success never led them astray. From the start, we committed to sourcing ethically and sustainably-grown beans,” says Petrik, a Certified Coffee Roaster and Green Bean Buyer. “As we’ve grown, we’ve done so without sacrificing quality or integrity. At Java Love, we serve coffee made from beans roasted just a few days beforeyou can seriously taste and appreciate the difference.”

Their Mission

Dawson and Petrik emphasize that Java Love is not just your average place to get coffee—it’s built for love and family. As an LGBTQ and women-owned business, Java Love represents what it means to be in an inclusive community, and once more, what it means to buy from small business owners. The importance is not necessarily the coffee, but the abundance of love and warmth that greets you at the door.

java love montclair

Assorted coffee varieties from Java Love Roasting Co. l Photo courtesy of Java Love

The owners stress the necessity of doing good; whether that be through working with other local businesses or doing your part through donations and volunteering, Java Love embodies their core values. As one of the top artisanal roasters in the Northeast, they pride themselves on using organic, sustainably grown beans, calling them “Coffee with Integrity.” They believe in a neighborly approach in doing business, supporting the arts, education, sustainability and food scarcity organizations in their communities. Needless to say, they’re not your average coffee shop—they have so much more to offer.

To keep up with Java Love Roasting Co., you can visit their website or Instagram.

Main image of Java Love storefront in Upper Montclair, NJ

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