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Hudson Table in Hoboken, NJ has elevated takeout during our current pandemic. Using high-end meal kits, that reflect the creativity of their cooking classes, their team is offering a takeaway service that simply makes sense during our current circumstances. Think a step (or ten) above takeout meets a mission to keep their staff (and business) whole.

Hudson Table’s process has been completely streamlined. They’ve taken steps to ensure safe (contactless) takeaway outside, and full compliant practices inside their kitchen. Meal kit menu options are on a daily rotation and serve roughly four people per order. Each order comes with finishing and reheating instructions created by the staff.

“Help support our business and our team during the coming weeks and eat well in the process,” the team said, via their website. “Our breakdown of profit, what goes to the staff, and what goes to help support the business is as follows: $90 is what you pay. $25 is our cost of food. $40 goes to Hudson Table and $25 goes to the staff for each meal kit, regardless of how many are sold. If we sell out of the 15 to 20 we will be making each day, the staff will be getting paid $400 to $500, no questions asked.”

The team is also providing virtual cooking classes as social distancing continues. You can find the May class schedule here.

Here is a look at this week’s menu:

1. Gastropub Happy Hour (5/6)

A little something to remind you of those early evenings at your favorite Jersey City gastropub.

2. Korean BBQ (5/7)

If you can’t go out for Korean BBQ, make the Korean BBQ come to you. I think that’s a proverb or something.

3. Fried Chicken Friday (The Sandwich Edition, 5/8)

Honestly, every Friday should be “Fried Chicken Friday” – just saying.

4. BBQ Cookout (5/9)

If the sub 60 temperatures and clouds coming this weekend have you feeling down, remember, you can order Hudson Table’s BBQ Cookout menu. Yes, there’s “Buffalo Potato Salad with Gorgonzola.” No, we’re not sharing ours.

5. Mother’s Day Feast (5/10)

We can’t take mom out for a refined meal this year, but we can take Mother’s Day to new heights with this feast. You had us at “Cheddar Bacon Cornbread with Honey Butter.”

Stay tuned for next week’s.

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