Summer Blues? Tips From Wardrobe Stylist Dorian Cattani

by Staff

Summer Blues? Tips From Wardrobe Stylist Dorian Cattani

By Dorian Cattani


Some people experience “winter blues,” but sometimes I experience the “summer blues.”  This solely has to do with how I find summer clothes to be, uninspiring. Can anyone else relate?

When I envision my ideal wardrobe, it’s a cold winter’s day, and I’m draped in a wool coat and scarf, underneath tight skinny jeans with chunky boots. This is my holy grail,  and clearly, I need to face facts. It’s almost July!

courtesy of Dorian Cattani

courtesy of Dorian Cattani

I am a true at heart black-brown-maroon girl. I am Fall to the T. There isn’t a black blazer or brown top I haven’t met that I couldn’t rock even in summer, with white pants, of course. I look at pastels, I sometimes even purchase pastel shirts or pants, and I always have second thoughts. My vision for these items usually entails matching them with black.

courtesy of Dorian Cattani

courtesy of Dorian Cattani

It truly comes down to how I feel in them and if I feel comfortable and confident. That’s what it’s really about. Don’t get me wrong, vacation clothes are totally different and you can definitely find me in a turquoise dress as I visit Miami. This is more about my everyday life.

But as I tell my clients, if you love something in your wardrobe, wear it out before even thinking about getting rid of it. Check yourself out at work, in window reflections, in the bathroom mirror and see if anyone stares (usually this means they like what they see) if you feel confident, then success! It’s a keeper. If not then it might be time to donate or sell it.


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