Cape May Named Trending Travel Destination for Spring and Summer

by Sarah Malik
Cape May travel

As the weather gets warmer, options for making the most of the upcoming season are opening up. Travelers eagerly wait for the day they can pack up and venture back out into the world. According to a 2020 study conducted by Airbnb, 62 percent of people said they’re interested in taking a vacation within driving distance of their home. Lucky for us, the Garden State is in no shortage of staycation spots. In fact, another more recent Airbnb survey found that Cape May, New Jersey was one of the top travel destinations of spring and summer.

Having been cooped up during the colder seasons, it’s no wonder the overwhelming majority would choose to be surrounded by the smell of saltwater and the luxuries of oceanside hotels and B&Bs. In Cape May, most of the vacation houses and attractions are located within a few miles from the beach, which stretches over two and a half miles. Therefore, running into people is a rarity. However, that’s not the only reason why Cape May is one of the top destinations for spring and summer travel in 2021.

Beach and Boardwalk

Cape May has one of the most well-maintained beaches and some of the cleanest water in South Jersey. This combination is perfect for uncomfortably hot summer days. Visitors can cool off in the water during the day and walk the nearby Wildwood boardwalk by night when the temperature drops in the evening. 

Cape May travel

Wildwood boardwalk near Cape May, NJ l Photo by Ethan Hoover

Houses and Hotels

Hotel bookings have increased with beaches becoming a popular place to recharge while maintaining social distancing Among the most sought-after places to stay are the unique Cape May hotels and beach houses, whether it be with a group of friends or for a solo mini vacation. The South Jersey seaside resort is home to countless accommodation options, each distinguished in their own way with their services. From rooftop terraces to premium ocean views, each house is different. The beach houses have a vintage touch with their colorful Victorian design. The Victorian, natural architecture is a common theme in Cape May. Some of the most historical hotels are also located in Cape May, such as The Grand Hotel of Cape May and Beauclaire‘s Bed and Breakfast.

Cape May

Nearby Attractions

As a popular destination, this Jersey Shore spot has more to offer travelers, solidifying its place on the Airbnb list. Cape May has attractions for people who may want to explore beyond the ocean. Nearby areas worth seeing include the popular Cape May Lighthouse, Willow Creek Winery & Farm, and the Cape May Distillery. Kid-friendly activities include kayaking and paddleboarding, and parasailing. The definition of vacationing at Cape May varies, not always including beaches and boardwalks.

Will Cape May be one of your top travel destinations this spring and summer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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