NJ’s Most Magical Mushroom Farm

by Bridget Mulroy

New Jersey’s most prestigious gourmet mushroom farm is nothing short of magic! Located in Millstone, Two River Mushroom Farm is turning heads. The farm is the only USDA-certified organic mushroom farm in New Jersey, and they supply gourmet mushrooms to some of the state’s finest restaurants and grocery stores. Anjelica’s, Gabriella’s, Red Horse, and others are serving gorgeous dishes featuring mushrooms from Two River Mushroom Farm, and grocery stores and farmers markets such as Dean’s and Nature’s Corner are in extremely high demand of Two River’s mushrooms since now, certified chefs and home cooks alike are inspired to create culinary magic using mushrooms from this one-of-a-kind mushroom farm.

It all started as the passion project of KC Sullivan. KC grew up gardening in Rumson and worked at the famous ‘What’s Your Beef’ restaurant for decades before the restaurant closed. He’s also worked as a science teacher for the last 20 years. With these passions (food, gardening, and science,) KC began playing around with growing mushrooms on a log in his back garden. This quickly ignited his desire to grow vegan, gluten-free, organic mushrooms on a larger scale. The Two River Mushroom Farm we know and love today is on a 25-acre (5000-square-foot) plot of land in the historic town of Millstone. Two years ago, they were growing and harvesting mushrooms at White Chapel Projects.

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Two River Mushroom Farm launched in 2018, and the team now consists of a certified mycologist, an operations and production specialist, a retail and wholesale logistics specialist, product development advisors, and business partners. In May of 2023, the mushroom farm won the Sofi Gold Product Award in the category of Soup & Broth, and the farm is debuting a new organic mushroom broth called ‘Two River Gourmet Mushroom Broth’ in March of this year.

Not many people may know this, but growing mushrooms is one of the most sustainable foods to grow, with the smallest carbon footprint (by comparison to any other fruit or vegetable grown on a farm.) At any given time, Two River Mushroom Farm will have 7 – 10 varieties of mushrooms growing. Some varieties include Oysters, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Chestnuts, and many, MANY other types of mushrooms based on the time of year. Thanks to positive word-of-mouth, Two River’s mushrooms are grown for customers along the East Coast, primarily in New York and New Jersey.

Without a doubt, mushrooms are having their moment. It wasn’t until recently that people were more open to the health benefits of mushrooms. While mushrooms have always been an option to have on your plate, people had a genuine microphobia of mushrooms – until recently. Now, people are making everything from pizzas to soups to full-on risotto using mushrooms.

nj mushroom farm

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When the pandemic hit, Two River Mushroom Farm had already been in business for nearly two years, but the pandemic drove the business to a new form of retail when they needed to try salvaging a full harvest. Dried mushrooms and grocery stores (to whom they’d already been supplying) were driving a new demand for mushrooms, and Two River Mushroom Farm was able to supply them. 

While the company has grown organically through word of mouth, the team has always been running a well-oiled machine. Their success can be attributed to their passion, knowledge, and captive market. Two River Mushroom Farm’s business partner, Kurt Cavano, knows about traditional dirt farming (also taking place at Two River Mushroom Farm) and encourages chefs to come to the farm HQ in Millstone to select fresh produce to create culinary magic.

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