The Original Fat Sandwich Is From New Brunswick

by Lauren Kim
Fat Sandwich in NJ

RU Hungry is the original creator of “The Fat Sandwich” and has gained national attention over the years. Conveniently located in the college town of New Brunswick, many Rutgers University college students have sauntered in and taken advantage of their 8 a.m. – 4 a.m. food service after an adventurous evening. Because sometimes, eating an artery-clogging sandwich at an ungodly hour is the only path to true satiation.

Known as “The King of College Ave.” RU Hungry began as a food truck founded in the late 1970s. In the late 1990s, the RU Hungry challenge came to fruition. Eat 5 Fat Sandwiches in 45 minutes and you are rewarded with a personalized Fat Sandwich that is named in your honor. Many try, but few actually succeed because try as you might; sometimes the food beats you. The winners’ menu items are available for order to anyone daring enough to try those intense and questionable creations. From the expansive main menu, some sandwiches have built reputations for themselves as particularly delicious. These sandwiches have been duped over the years as the concept of Fat Sandwiches has spread across New Jersey. Duped but never beaten, here are the four creations that have proved themselves worthy of the title Fat Sandwich.

Fat Cat 

Endearingly referred to as “The first. The only. The original.” The Fat Cat consists of a double cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, french fries, mayo and ketchup. It was the first premier of the Fat Sandwich and was heralded around campus during its debut in 1979. Over 40 years later and it’s still the top item on the menu. Just imagine your typical burger and fries order but all in one compact sandwich. One bite comprises all the flavor. Some call it efficient eating, others just refer to it as brilliant. Forever known as the Fat Cat, give it a try if you’re a fan of classics, albeit it’s one of the tamer items on the menu. 

Fat Darrell

This sandwich features chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries and marinara sauce. The ultimate comfort sandwich is made up of all the good fried things needed for soul restoration. The marinara pairs traditionally well with the mozzarella sticks but adds a pleasant tomato-based tang to the chicken fingers and french fries. Think chicken parm, but better. Top that off with a blanket of bread and you have a fat sandwich, Fat Darrell, to be exact.

Fat Russian 

Enough with the basics; it’s time to introduce the ultimate sandwich. The Fat Russian is one thick sandwich, don’t believe me? Cheesesteak, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, onion rings, lettuce, french fries, hot sauce and ketchup make up this ultra-loaded sandwich. Admittedly, this is generally ordered for the novelty of its sheer size over actual taste, but some find it appealing regardless. A meal big enough for two, or let’s be honest three, this is guaranteed to satiate a fried, greasy craving.


Last on our list is a best-seller. The Fat ZBT is a chicken finger, mozzarella stick, onion ring, french fry and bbq sauce creation. BBQ lovers tend to favor this one since the majority of the sandwiches are marinara or ketchup-based. Smoky barbecue meets mozzarella sticks for a cheesy rendition of boneless wings with the help of the chicken fingers. It wouldn’t be a Fat Sandwich without the added onion rings and fries making this a formidable competitor to the Fat Cat or Fat Darrell. 

There are times when you can’t truly know what a meal will taste like based on description alone. RU Hungry sandwiches is one of those things. While the New Brunswick location is the original, a location has opened in more recent years in Newark, New Jersey. You can request halal at either location and Veggie Fat Sandwiches have their own home on the menu as well. A crucial part of the Rutgers University experience, it is still enjoyed by students, foodies and various visitors to all who venture in ready to try it.

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