Surviving the Day After Christmas At Work

by Lauren Scrudato

If you’re like us on The Digest staff, you’re working as hard as your tired, slightly hungover body will allow the day after Christmas. Here are some tips to keep your holiday spirits up while you envy everyone who’s still sleeping right now.

Decide on New Year’s plans.

Now that the most anticipated holiday of the year is over, it’s time to look forward to the next best holiday. If you’re looking to party in Jersey City or Hoboken, we have you covered. But regardless of your plans, you should take some down-time during your work day to solidify how you’ll be celebrating New Year’s.

Re-indulge in leftovers.

Yes, I brought a platter of grandma’s leftover lasagna and meatballs for lunch today. Nothing can make you feel as good as Gram’s cooking.

Reminisce with co-workers.

Whether it was your family’s drunk caroling or that you are now rocking a giant engagement ring on your finger, everyone has a story to tell about their Christmas experience. Exchange stories with your co-workers and brag about all the awesome presents you received.

Daydream about gifts.

Make a plan of attack on which gift you’re going to play with/figure out first when you get home. (I’ll be popping in season one of Boardwalk Empire into my DVD player and vegging out on the couch.)

Showcase your new clothes.

Once you’ve finally made it home and messed around with your favorite gift, re-open all the boxes filled with cute new clothes. Try them on and admire how good you look despite how much you ate and drank last night.

Have a merry day after Christmas.

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Lauren is a writer and blogger for The Digest. A lifelong Sussex County resident, Lauren has adventured out of the sticks of northwest New Jersey to join The Digest team. When she is not commuting in rush hour traffic, she is typically frolicking outdoors or cheering on the Yankees.

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