Uhane Knits: Embracing The Soul of Summer Fashion

by Donovan Deans

Dress down and venture outside because the summer season is at its peak. This is our favorite time of year because with it comes so many opportunities for social festivity, adventure and self-expression. This summer, all of those sundresses, ornate accessories, tropical swimwear and tattoos will be drawn out to air and paraded at our family barbecues and beachside outings. In the interest of adding to those expressive options, we’ve found another avenue to explore for commuting in style with the hand-crafted specialties of Uhane Knits.

uhaneknits02Uhane (oo-ha-neh), the brainchild of Brooklyn-native Diana Gordon, derives its name and company motto from the Hawaiian term for spirit or soul. Likewise, the artisan designs feature a captivating gallery of hand-crafted drawstring, handbags and knit accessories. The idea, to coincide convenience with quality and tie in that summer individuality in an ofttimes overlooked outlet of our wardrobe. As a mother, Gordon sought to combine her two-decades of knit crafting expertise to a niche observed in the mediocre quality, over-labeled designs of her own children’s to-go backpacks. The gallery first launched in 2009 and has since spread its scope of business with associates based in Metro-New York, Hudson County, NJ and Newark. As the family-run business has expanded, they have been featured in the Long Island Ocean Beach Fine Arts Fair and the annual Brooklyn International African Arts Festival.

As of this summer, the Long Beach studio now has a successful online presence for their merchandise (free shipping in the U.S). The stylish drawstring bags feature a creative design that eliminates the hindrance of uneven arm cords, allows you to detach, mix-n’-match cords to your preference, as well as the option for a hand-crafted leather handle for ergonomic carrying variety. The designs are woven with materials such as Marine grade faux leather and vinyl fabric. If you’re a local of Hudson county, then you may know all too well the trouble of unannounced showers brewing by the waters, tarnishing your garments and electronics. Fortunately, these are all water resistant and UV protected, which makes it the perfect all weather bag year-round.
In today’s world, everyone would like a platform for which to market and express themselves, rather than being bandwagoned into wearing a big ‘checkmark’ across your back. For those of us in our college years, having to find a replacement bag every semester for the tattered remains of a textbook’s latest victim is no fun either. With Uhane Knits, the brand labeling is transparent.The wear is resilient, designed to make a lasting statement about
you, and the company is all about personalizing and communicating directly with us. If you don’t find what suits you best, they are capable of one-of-a-kind exclusive design requests on a limited basis and have a wealth of examples to show the results. For him and her, eclipse the heat with your radiant designs this summer whilst kicking back, sipping a Mai Tai and embracing your Uhane. For business contacts, check out Uhane Knits, or call: (516)670-5496.

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Donovan Deans is an Editorial Intern for The Digest Magazine. He is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, and as a prospective writer has published creative works for 'WORD@ASU' Student Literature Committee as well as published miscellaneous sports, technology and lifestyle blogs. He is also a former NCAA World Team member and USA 2014 Senior National Champion in the sport of Fencing (Sabre).

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