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Digest Lunchbox

In the mix of Jersey bagels and wood-fired pizza, locals might look for an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Luckily, it can be found in the heart of Midtown Hoboken at Flatbread Grill.

Digest Lunchbox

Whole Wheat and Original Flatbread

Flatbread Grill was established in 2007 by three sisters who wanted to share their love of Mediterranean cuisine with the community. Because they grew up in poverty, the trio wanted to grow their business in order to support their family. The growing restaurant launched a sustainability mission in 2014, committing themselves to using disposables and paper-free products.

Digest Lunchbox

Cracked Whole Wheat Rice and French Fries

While the staple of the restaurant is the daily-made signature bread, the business also takes pride in their grilled white meat chicken, free of hormones. There is something in their diverse menu for everyone, and our office was definitely able to enjoy a taste of Flatbread Grill for this week’s Digest Lunchbox.

We tried an array of the restaurant’s namesake, their original and whole wheat flatbread, developed from traditional Mediterranean recipes. Guilt-free, the bread is made fresh every day without unnecessary sugar, salt, and artificial flavors. We were also given a try of their signature cracked whole wheat rice, packed with fiber and protein. Flatbread Grill also served up a side of their zero trans fat french fries.

Chicken, Falafel, and Chickpeas

Chickpea Salad, Falafel, and Grilled Chicken

Our office enjoyed a taste of their chickpea salad, marinated chickpeas topped with chopped red peppers, parsley, and mixed greens. Chickpeas were also included in the form of their traditional falafels. The falafels were carefully fried and lightly seasoned with parsley and special spices. We also got to try them with their yogurt-cucumber, red hot, and green tahini sauces. The restaurant also provided a tray of their grilled chicken. Their chicken is featured on the menu with their salads, flat-top platters, pita pockets, and flat melts.

We are thankful to Flatbread Grill for giving us this week’s Digest Lunchbox, and we hope you get a chance to try it for yourself.

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