From Surf to Table: Marilyn Schlossbach’s Coastal Culinary Triumphs

Dive into Marilyn Schlossbach's coastal culinary odyssey, as she rides the waves from surf to table, crafting unforgettable dining experiences along the Jersey Shore.

by Mike Ham

Nestled in Long Branch, where the ocean breeze intertwines with vibrant community energy, Marilyn Schlossbach unveils her culinary journey at The White Chapel Projects. Our recent podcast episode on Greetings From the Garden State beckons you to relish Marilyn’s tale—a culinary pioneer, community advocate, and the driving force behind The White Chapel Projects. From an unexpected entry into the restaurant industry to creating a collaborative space that transcends culinary boundaries, join us as we explore the multifaceted story of Marilyn Schlossbach—a narrative surpassing food, encapsulating the essence of a true Jersey icon.

Seated with Marilyn, the founder of The White Chapel Projects, the air echoes with collaboration and creativity. The ambiance, an extension of Marilyn’s laid-back approach, mirrors her commitment to crafting positive dining experiences—a theme woven through her culinary endeavors. We journey through her early days in a beach town, where a love for the outdoors and a passion for diverse culinary influences blossomed. The decision to establish a collaborative space hosting events from art and music to guest chefs and markets laid the foundation for a culinary career marked by resilience and dedication.

Our conversation naturally wanders through Marilyn’s unique experiences, from purchasing a house in the Dominican Republic from a chef’s estate to managing multiple restaurants. Evident is her commitment to sourcing quality ingredients, supporting non-profit initiatives, and fostering positive change in the community. The White Chapel Projects, beyond being a restaurant, emerges as a space where everyone finds comfort, and diverse culinary influences converge.

Marilyn’s story is one of culinary experimentation, resilience, and a commitment to creating inclusive dining experiences. Despite industry challenges, her desire to simplify life and assist others in pursuing their goals shines. The episode delves into Marilyn’s background, absence of formal culinary training, and the influence of diverse experiences on her approach to running establishments. As the interview unfolds, inspiration brews from Marilyn’s passion, commitment to the community, and her vision for the future. Beyond the titles of chef, entrepreneur, and community advocate, Marilyn Schlossbach stands as a testament to the eclectic spirit defining the Garden State. Her story, like waves caressing the shore, lingers—a reminder that from every challenge, a new opportunity emerges, and from every setback, a greater comeback is possible. In Marilyn Schlossbach’s world, every dish is crafted not just with culinary expertise but with a dash of inspiration.

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Mike Ham is the voice behind the popular podcast, "Greetings From the Garden State". Traveling up and down New Jersey, Mike brings his listeners the stories of the people and places shaping the Garden State. Not only is he a Jersey diehard, he is also a respected member of the podcast community and has spoken at several podcasting conferences. As he continues to amplify the voices of New Jersey, Mike Ham remains a passionate advocate for the diverse narratives woven into the fabric of the Garden State.

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