Finding Amy: A 33-Year-Long Search Shrouded in Mystery

by Tom Lavecchia
finding amy

July 11, 1990. It was on that day when cruise-goers to the Bahamas encountered a girl named Amy on the T.S.S Mardi Gras by Carnival Cruise Line. It was that same cruise that Amy would leave behind an important item—one she would never get back. Since that fateful day, an insatiable curiosity has fueled the search for this individual, whose story has remained elusive for far too long. So elusive that the exact spelling of her name has been a subject of uncertainty, with variations like “Aimee,” “Aimy,” or “Amie” considered. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll go with “Amy.”

Over the years, numerous efforts were made to trace Amy’s footsteps, fueled by the desire to reconnect with her and return the lost item. Initially, many dismissed the idea of finding her as an impossible task. How does one even begin such a search? However, the convergence of various social media platforms and other internet tools in the present day has transformed the search for Amy into a tangible reality.

Among the myriad of personal stories that captivate our collective imagination, Amy stands out as an individual who, even after three decades, continues to intrigue some of the passengers who met her on that cruise. Although it was a short 4 day cruise with stops in Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas, she made a big impact on the lives of certain people aboard the Mardi Gras. 

In the digital age we live in, the power of technology can be used to achieve things previously thought as impossible. Social media has revolutionized how we connect and interact with one another. By harnessing the potential of these powerful tools, the group at feels that finding Amy is entirely possible. They are counting on reaching people in Northern New Jersey who may know, or have known, an “Amy” that could be the one for whom they are searching. 

Despite the limited information surrounding Amy, they remain determined to find her. This article explores the group’s methods and technologies used in their search for Amy. Fueled by hope, ingenuity, and a network of interconnected minds, they believe they are nearing the end of this journey. Their ultimate goal is to locate Amy and return the item she left on that cruise ship over thirty years ago—it is high time the hold on it is relinquished.

What We Know About Amy

Amy in 1990

It is certain that Amy was a high school student when she attended the cruise in 1990. This places the light-brown-haired girl’s age somewhere between 14 and 17 at the time, making her in her late forties today. An approximation suggests she is around 47 to 48 years old. Conversations from that time reveal that Amy worked in a deli in North Jersey, although this information does not significantly narrow down the search, considering the multitude of delis in Northern New Jersey.

Although the precise location of Amy’s residence remains unknown, the group has a general idea. According to her, Amy lived approximately 30 minutes away from New York City, placing her in one of the North Jersey counties frequently populated by commuters to Manhattan. Likely locations include Bergen or Essex Counties, given their proximity to Manhattan. However, other possibilities such as Passaic, Union, or Hudson Counties cannot be entirely ruled out either.

Triumph Aboard the T.S.S. Mardi Gras

One small detail from Amy’s time on the cruise was her victory in an event hosted by Carnival. As many cruise-goers know, often silly games, contests, and pageants are part of the entertainment aboard the ships.  Things such as “The New Newlywed Game”, or the “Male Nightgown Contest”, or passenger talent shows, for instance.  One of the popular games played on the Lido Deck was won by Amy.  And she probably remembers what this was! The group highlights it as something that will help Amy realize that it is indeed HER that the group is looking for.  It’s just another clue within their larger journey. Every clue counts.  

Why Search for Amy?

Since July 12, 1990, the search for Amy has presented the group with numerous challenges. Initially, they sought to locate her solely to return the lost item, but have since become entangled in the mystery surrounding her. Today, with the power of social media and other similar platforms, finding Amy has finally become a realistic possibility.

However, the group of friends acknowledge the limitations imposed by the scant information in which they possess. The search for Amy has long been hindered by this scarcity, rendering each lead and clue invaluable. Nevertheless, armed with unwavering determination, those determined embark on this extraordinary journey to piece together the fragments of her life. With each examined digital footprint and explored connection, they inch closer to the ultimate goal: finding Amy and returning her long-lost item.

This captivating journey is fueled by hope and the collaborative efforts of countless individuals. The hope is to harness the power of collectivism to breathe life into the search for Amy. As they navigate the intricate web of her story, their aim is to inspire and showcase the transformative potential of these digital tools.

Amy’s story, although partially shrouded in mystery, has intrigued a handful of individuals for over thirty years. What began as a simple desire to reunite her with a forgotten possession has evolved into a lifelong commitment to rediscover and reconnect. As the group delves deeper into the tapestry of her narrative and the information possessed, they edge closer to an eventual revelation. Today, with the vast reach of the internet, the team firmly believes that finding Amy is entirely within their grasp. With each revelation, her tale grows more captivating, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter: Discovery.

Were you on this cruise and have information? Do you know Amy? Are you Amy? Let us know in the comments or fill out the form at

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