Viral Lunar Faire Night Market Celebrates First Anniversary

by Erika Tulfo
lunar faire time 2022

Fans of all things witchy and weird, rejoice! The viral Lunar Faire night market will return to The Sussex County Fairgrounds on June 28, marking its first anniversary with a prom-themed celebration for one night only. The event will begin at 5 p.m. and run until 10 p.m.

The night market will be celebrating its one-year “promiversary” under the first new moon of June since its inaugural fair on June 10, 2021. Because of this occasion, the fair plans to amp up its usual festivities for a night that promises to be more magical than ever before.

What is Lunar Faire?

Lunar Faire is both a night market and a social event that aims to foster a fun and inclusive environment for all those in attendance. This whimsical event, founded by Tiffany Casey and Kelly Daigon, follows the lunar calendar, popping up twice monthly under the first full and new moon of each month.

The event itself is nomadic, which means that it is anything but stationary. Since being first hosted at the Crystal Lake Beach Club in Oakland, the fair has been held over 20 times in different locations spanning North and Central Jersey. 

Over the past year, Lunar Faire has grown to become an eagerly anticipated event for magickal enthusiasts. Alongside cultivating a sizable following on Instagram, it has carved a place for itself on the witchy side of TikTok (fondly referred to as “witchtok”), sprouting memes, creating its own merchandise and even coming up with a name for its fans (known as “Lunartics”).

lunar faire tickets

Photo by Courtney Robertson

Lunar Faire Tickets and Admission Information

Tickets may be bought in advance for $11.11 on Eventbrite and for $15 at the gate on the day, while admission is free for guests aged 10 and under. All ticket sales are final, with $1 from every purchase going to Sussex County Pride.

Taking a car? While the organizers encourage carpooling to maximize space for guests, parking will be available on-site.

This outdoor event is rain or shine but keeping up with the event’s social media channels for updates is recommended.

What to Expect At This Year’s Fair

This month’s fair promises exclusive entertainment happening only during promiversary to make the night as prom-like as possible. Such festivities include a live DJ currently taking song requests on Lunar Faire’s Instagram and Facebook pages and random prom date assignments for single guests over 18 years old. Also exclusive to this month’s fair are a Rocky Horror Picture floor show and Prom Queenes drag show. 

Expect live music and performances as you make your way around the market grounds. With past entertainment including fire jugglers and aerial acrobats, you’re in for a night of excitement.

Shopping for witchy wares is half the fun at Lunar Faire. Each market’s vendors vary but merchandise includes everything from candles to crystals and brooms to horror-movie paraphernalia.  

While bringing your own snacks is allowed, food and drinks will also be available on-site. The Potions Lab is a fair favorite and offers fantasy-themed beverages that range from colorful to creepy (keep an eye out for drinks that look like blood bags). All options are non-alcoholic and equally picture-worthy.

The Lunar Faire aims to be an event for all ages but be warned that decorations may feature vulgar language and some merchandise may not be appropriate for children, so bring them at your own discretion. Though kids are allowed, non-service animal pets will have to stay home.

lunar fair 2022

Photo by Courtney Robertson

While some of the fair’s staple activities include tarot card readings and spell-making sessions, you do not need to subscribe to the occult to be able to attend. For many, Lunar Faire is a fun excuse to dress up in your most fantastical garb, meet new people or simply celebrate the changing moon cycle with others.

What to Bring To Lunar Faire

If you find your interest piqued, you might already want to attend but are still wondering what to bring. We’ve compiled a short list of must-bring fair essentials so that you can make the most of your night market experience.

  • Your Most Outlandish Outfit (or Prom Attire!)

It has become something of a tradition for attendees to take to TikTok to share their unique Lunar Faire fits or seek advice from their followers to help them pick an outfit. It’s not uncommon to see pointed witch hats sticking out of the crowd or guests donning fairy wings either. 

With this year’s prom theme, now is also the perfect time for those who missed their prom or those looking to relive the night to get all dolled up and ready to dance.

  • A Friend, a Date or Just Yourself

Like other social events, the fair is no exception to the “the more, the merrier” rule. Attending with a friend comes with the added benefit of always having a photographer on hand to capture the most memorable moments of the night. 

However, Lunar Faire is an event that can be enjoyed just as much alone. The bracelet buddy system will signify to other attendees whether you are looking to make new connections or if you would rather explore the market’s offerings on your own. 

  • Cash

With over 200 vendors, most accept contactless or digital forms of payment such as ApplePay and Paypal, but it is highly recommended to have cash on hand. The fair is an outdoor event and in the case of internet disruption, you’ll want to be able to go around the market without worry.

  • A Book for the Magickal Book Exchange

One part of Lunar Faire that you won’t want to miss is the Magickal Book Exchange and meetings with the fair’s associated book club, The Lunar Library. The club hosts meetings both during the fair itself and online, so you can stay in touch with your new friends even after the fair concludes.

  • Outdoor Event Necessities

As the fair is hosted during the evening outdoors, it is recommended that you come prepared. Comfortable shoes are must-haves for hours of walking around the market grounds. Foldable chairs or blankets to sit on are also essentials for when seats fill up. 

Other things to bring include a flashlight to navigate the space when the sky gets dark, a reusable bag to store all your purchases and a camera to document your whole experience.

If you can’t make it to this month’s fair, worry not— the night market is scheduled to run twice every month until December. But if you’re looking to celebrate Jersey’s most beloved witchy experience with a summer celebration that’s bigger than ever, mark your calendars for June 28 for an event that guarantees its guests “a killer time.”

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