Celebrating 25 Years of The Sopranos

by Peter Candia
The Sopranos

The Sopranos debuted on television 25 years ago today. It was an instant hit immediately after airing and its popularity only grew overtime. Today, it stands as one of the highest-rated television shows ever and is even considered by many to be the greatest television drama of all time. 

The American crime drama by David Chase won 21 Primetime Emmy Awards during its run and was nominated for a staggering 111 total. The Sopranos also took home five Golden Globes Awards, including “Best Drama Series” for the pilot season. 

The late James Gandolfini, along with on-screen wife and co-star Edie Falco, took home the most awards of any cast members with three wins apiece for Primetime Emmy Awards. Gandolfini’s performance as Tony Soprano—the morally-conflicted North Jersey crime boss—is often called one of the greatest acting performances in the history of television. 


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The Sopranos follows Tony Soprano as he navigates a life balanced between family and running New Jersey’s most powerful crime family. Tony sees a therapist (depicted by Lorraine Bracco) often during the show, creating a unique angle that was never seen before in mafia-related movies and television. It also serves as a period piece, expertly highlighting the culture and current events of the 2000s, along with being set in North Jersey and featuring dozens of real-life locations during its run. 

Along with Gandolfini and Falco, The Sopranos also features notable performances from Michael Imperioli (Chris Moltisanti), Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Jennifer Melfi), Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts), Steven Van Zandt (Silvio Dante) and Dominic Chianese (Corrado Soprano), among others. 

The Sopranos ran from 1999 to 2007,where it concluded with a rather controversial final scene, set in retro ice cream shop and diner, Holsten’s in Bloomfield, NJ.  Throughout it’s near decade on screen, David Chase created what is one of the most influential series ever crafted. It’s deeply emotional and layered approach to the classic mob story—highlighted by a sense of morality and realism—continues to be celebrated today. 

Happy 25 years to the pride and joy of New Jersey: The Sopranos. 

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