The Digest’s Camping Trip: Camp Taylor Campgrounds in NJ

by Sebastian Krawiec
the digest's camping trip

7 Co-Workers, 24 Hours in the Woods: Camp Taylor Campgrounds in NJ

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For our trip, we used two Mountainsmith “Genesee 4” Tents. Altogether, the tents took twenty minutes to assemble with the rainfly and then stake into the ground. Considering that they fit four people rather comfortably, the tents were really lightweight, each being only about 6 pounds with tent poles and stakes. That makes it super practical, whether you’re camping at a campground or doing a section hike of the Appalachian Trail with a small group. There are two doors for easy in-and-out, as well as opaque mesh wall panels that allow plenty of circulation and a cool breeze on warm nights. The rainfly is sprawling and provides two vestibules, so you and your things can stay completely dry through a rainstorm, as well as protected from the wind.

Camp Taylor Campground  Camp Taylor CampgroundsCamp Taylor in Columbia, NJ is one of the great campgrounds in NJ with something to offer everyone. They have cabins and RV sites with access to electricity, gas and wi-fi, as well as a good ol’ fashioned tent site. The tent sites are shaded and surrounded by trees, so you’re definitely out in the elements. It’s a good feeling, sleeping among the trees. If you’re a rugged adventurer, don’t be turned off by the words “wifi” and “electricity,” because the campground has direct hiking access to the Appalachian Trail. It’s a beautiful and challenging hike for any avid outdoorsman. But if you’re looking for leisure, Camp Taylor Campgrounds in NJ also has a swimming lake, boat rentals, a playground, and miniature golf. Donna Zitelli Lauren Bull Camping Tip

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Lakota Wolf Preserve Imagine calling out a wolf’s name. Now imagine it running to the fence right to you. That’s exactly what happened at the Lakota Wolf Preserve located on the Camp Taylor Campgrounds in NJ. There are several different species of wolves, as well as bobcats, on a 10 acre reserve, where they roam majestically and howl in unison. The reserve offers Educational Wolf Watch Tours to learn about the wolves and see them up-close. Of course, you’re behind a fence, because no matter how cute these big bad wolves are, they’re still big bad wolves.

Building A Fire

Firewoodjason underberg sebastian krawiec camping

Beers for days

What’s a camping trip without a can of cold, hoppy goodness to bond over? We used the Deluxe Cooler Cube from Mountainsmith, which has a 26L capacity for plenty of food and drinks. (Though we mainly used it for beer.) It also has a drop down beverage tray which we had never seen before on a cooler.

Nutella S’mores

The Digest Staff camping Instead of the usual squares of chocolate that never seem to melt quite right, switch your s’mores up with a schmear of Nutella (on both graham crackers — this is no time to be shy). Nutella is already melty, so the toasted marshmallow just slightly warms it. Add a slice of banana in there if you’re looking for a next level experience. All of our food came from Aspen Marketplace in Hoboken, NJ (226-228 Washington St., Hoboken), which has delicious prepared foods, as well as fresh ingredients for making your own recipes.


David Kabrin hotdog campinggrilling hotdogs campinggrilling pineapples camping

1. Pick up pre-cooked organic chicken sausages to throw on the grill for sandwiches.
2. Marinate chicken drumsticks/wings ahead of time in gallon sized bags. Keep in the cooler until grilling for lunch/dinner. Our chicken had a grapefruit BBQ glaze.
3. If you want to cut down on utensils and cutting surfaces, buy pre-cut fruit and veggies for easy picking.
4. Keep those bears away! Stick to snacks that will be devoured in one sitting, or ones that seal easily.
5. Don’t limit the grilling to burgers and chicken. We threw some pineapple on there for a simple breakfast side, and it was delicious and unfussy.

Camp Taylor Campgrounds

85 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Columbia, NJ 07832


Aspen Marketplace & Cafe

226-228 Washington St.

Hoboken, NJ 07030


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