Our Top 5 Of The Most Amazing Tree Houses In The World


When you were a child, you dreamed of having a secret tree house where you and your friends could hide away. But did you ever think that you could actually live in such a place until you grew old? These are by far the most amazing tree houses in the world and probably top some of the homes we are living in today!


1-The Mirror Tree House: (Sweden)  This Tree house is practically invisible! The perfect hideaway from the real world.


2-  Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)  This 100-foot-tall structure is claimed to be the tallest tree house in world.


3- O2 Treehouse (USA)  This hot air balloon looking treehouse is designed to put you smack in the middle of nature.


4- Plane Tree House (Costa Rica)  This one of a kind treehouse has a vintage Boeing 727, with a jacuzzi in the cockpit.


5- Senior Center Turned Treehouse (Belgium)  Not Much to say about this except it’s one most amazing tree houses around!


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