10 Worst Jobs – It Could Be Worse

by Michael Scivoli

10 Worst Jobs You’d Never Want

So we meet again Monday. Hopefully you’re ready for a fresh start to your week. If you’re sitting in your office sipping hot coffee thinking, “ugh, Monday again?” then check out our round up of the 10 worst jobs you could be at this morning. Those four walls around you just might start to feel comforting. Warning, this list is not for the faint of heart:

10. Sheep Castrator. No you didn’t read it wrong. And just in case you think there is an upside to this one, remember that this is done while the sheep is awake. Anyone ready to send out a resume?

9. Pig Slop Processor. Who do you think makes all those gourmet meals that Wilbur eats? These people have to sift through cafe and buffet waste food to make this concoction. I think I’ll skip lunch today.








8. Portable Toilet Cleaner. Armed with a vacuum and a tank, these guys get in there and do the unthinkable. In some cases, these people can clean as many as 60 a day, and we won’t even discuss the ones that have been tipped over.

7. Barnyard Masturbator. Sometimes researchers need to conduct fertility tests with barn animals. That’s where these guys come in and get the sample by any means necessary. Still holding onto your breakfast over there?








6. Oil Rig Worker. No surprise here. The hazards on an oil rig include, but are not limited to: Burns, amputation, brain/spinal cord injury, toxic fumes, and death. So, who is ready to begin their career as a rougneck?

5. Pornographic Theater Janitor. We all know the taxing jobs that janitors face each day. Add an adult theater into the mix, and mopping up the school cafeteria doesn’t sound so bad.







4. Crime Scene Cleaner. After Det. Stabler, Det. Benson and the rest of the SVU crew have moved onto to the next case, someone has to stay behind and take care of the mess. These people have to make it look like nothing had ever taken place at the scene of the crime. This includes removing blood, bone and bio hazards alike.

3. Bridge Painter. Imagine painting bridges like the Verrazzano? Being over 4,000 feet long and having towers over 600 feet above water, we’ll leave this one to the bold hearted. And you thought your trip to Six Flags was daring.

2. Sewage Treatment Worker. Everything you flush goes somewhere. These guys separate solids from liquids and everything in between. Every time a sewage pump gets backed up, someone has to be there to adjust the flow- making this a very crappy job.








1. Hazmat Diver. You won’t find these divers at Sea World. Wearing a full drysuit, these experts plunge into toxic spills, nuclear reactors, pools of waste and everything else you can think of. Want to trade places with one of these guys?


Have any more to add? Drop us a line.

Happy Monday!


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