Why We Love Cluck U in Hoboken

by Michael Scivoli

Why We Love Cluck U in Hoboken

There are countless reasons why we love Cluck U, but seriously where else can you get restaurant quality wings sent to your doorstep at lightning speed? Aside from the fact that they probably have the nicest staff in town, there’s no place I’d rather get my cheat meal this weekend than Cluck U in Hoboken. If you want the perfect food for Sunday football, skip the drive-thrus and order up some wings from Cluck U. My personal recommendation is to check out their new chicken and beef kabobs; while I personally prefer the chicken kabob, the beef is also delicious. I mean, how can you call yourself an American if you’re not huddled around the T.V. watching Sunday football eating a beef kabob? Excuse me, I have an order to place.

Cluck U in Hoboken is located at 112 Washington Street just across the street from Carlos Bake Shop. Check them out here or call (201) 683-9307 to order!

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