Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

by Tom Lavecchia

Did you know there are more than 34,000 golf courses in the world? Golf is a highly popular sport and its history is rich. In the United States, there are about two million beginner golfers every year. Whether you are one of them or simply trying to polish your skills, being a good golfer takes time and commitment. Fortunately, you don’t need to blister your hands to be a good golfer. Here are a few simple yet effective tips that may help.

1.    Get Your Set Up Right

The first thing to do when trying to be a good golfer is to work on your stance. It is the one thing that pro golfers master. Your stance, grip, and positioning determine your performance. Avoid the temptation of gripping your golf club firmly. Instead, loosen your grip, and release arm tension. This way, golfing will be much easier. Ensure that your back is upright for proper body rotation.

Having your feet shoulder-width apart helps you achieve a strong stance when swinging. When initiating a swing, ensure that your hips and shoulders move in the opposite direction of your ball.

Avoid moving your head, and move your hips and shoulders forward when swinging back to hit the ball.

2.    Invest In the Right Accessories

Investing in the right accessories could make you a better golfer. According to the team at Golfer Geeks, some accessories are more useful than others. However, most of them can improve the quality of your play. From simple putting mats to electric golf trolleys, there are accessories for everything. Golfers are meticulous and it is, therefore, no surprise that accessories are part of the game.

3.    Use Your Fingers to Grip

When gripping your club, use your fingers rather than your palms. Even though gripping a club may not seem like the most difficult or important thing, it can be. It is one of the most common things that recreational golfers do not get right.

It is important to hold your grip right before taking a swing. If you use your palm for gripping, it is difficult to generate a powerful swing. You have to use your fingers when gripping the club. The hinge mechanism will help you determine if your grip is right. If you are holding the club right, you should be able to hinge it on your hand.

4.    Target Straighter Hits

Striking to the farthest end of the park often seems right but it isn’t. Take things down a notch and focus on straight and centered hits. They improve your control and golfing abilities.

You are likely to score fairways and greens if your ball is on a disciplined path. It is a lot better than hitting randomly and attempting to get as far as possible. Try to determine the relationship between your swing trajectory and the impact angle. Once you have mastered that, your shots will be more accurate.

5.    Have Fun

Remain positive and avoid taking yourself too seriously. You are likely to excel if you are relaxed and patient with yourself. Note that your playing partners are more concerned about their scores than yours and no one is judging you. Take time to appreciate the beauty of your golf course and the surrounding architecture. If you aren’t into golfing as a professional, you don’t need to take things too seriously. Enjoy the people around you, and the surroundings. A good attitude goes a long way.

6.    Consider the Lie of Your Golf Ball

The way your golf ball is sitting in the grass will determine your shot. Learn how different positions of the ball may affect your shot. You get different shots when shooting in a tight lie, thick rough, or bunker.

If your ball is lying in tall grass, it may be difficult to get a clean hit. You need several practice swings to get it right. Use the clubhead to brush over the grass gently before hitting the ball. Use a club with a lower loft to hit the ball. Other useful tips include;

  • When you have the ball sitting in a thick rough, hit down on it. This way, you can easily get it out of the rough
  • If your ball is sitting on the sand, note that your shot is unlikely to have any spin after hitting it. You need extra power for your shot if the sand is moist
  • When you hit on a tight lie where the ground is firm, your putter will deliver the best shot

Getting better at golf doesn’t need to be hard. Whether you have prior experience or you are a beginner, a few simple techniques will improve your play in no time.

Photo by Markus Spiske

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