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by Tom Lavecchia
hydrafacial in nj

The cold season is a time I experience a great deal of redness, including Rosacea, which causes pus-filled bumps on the face. It can be mistaken for acne and is a skin condition often experienced by people with fair skin. Rosacea can last for years or even become a lifelong condition. If Rosacea is left untreated, it can alter immune response and trigger neurogenic symptoms such as sudden burning and stinging as well as chronic inflammation. That is why it is paramount to tackle early.

I understand the importance of monitoring my skin health so I decided to schedule a Hydrafacial Procedure at DRIP Medspa, a medical aesthetics and wellness medicine provider.

My Hydrafacial Procedure at DRIP MedSpa

I went to DRIP Medspa for my first Hydrafacial experience because I knew several people whose skin visibly cleared after routine appointments with their hydrafacial treatments.

My treatment was performed by Jacklin Price— a DRIP Medspa Skincare Specialist specializing in advanced medical-grade facials. Price has more than six years experience in customized Hydrafacial procedures.

Using the Hydrafacial Machine, my Skincare Specialist was able to give me immediate, noticeable results because the Hydrafacial system offers glowing, fresh baby skin results to clients of all ages. Price was friendly and conversational, offering answers to any of my several questions. She told me the average client typically receives a Hydrafacial once every four to six weeks.

“As a graduate of Christine Valmy, I specialize in advanced medical grade facials. I work extensively with famous skincare protocols such as Zein Obagi, Hydrafacial, Skinceuticals, and IS Clinical. I am recognized for integrating relations with medical-grade skincare treatments. I pride myself in always achieving satisfactory results for my clients.”

Jacklin Price, Skincare Specialist

What I like most about Hydrafacial procedures at DRIP Medspa is that it is a safe treatment for all skin tones and requires no downtime for socializing or work. At my first Hydrafacial procedure, I learned the hydrafacial systems patented technology cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin while infusing antioxidant serums and peptide boosters. Price, as my Skin Care Specialist, identified my skin conditions to select the right infusions for my skin type. This made the visit feel personalized as well as efficient.

The Hydrafacial serums used at DRIP Medspa are made with skin-nourishing ingredients to create an instant, gratifying skin glow.

The top 5 benefits of Hydrafacial procedure(s):

Gentle Skincare: Hydrafacial procedures are painless and do not cause skin irritation. After my facial procedure, I could feel that my skin was well hydrated and smooth. I noticed my skin immediately showing a radiance it had lacked prior. People even complimented me on my skin glow. Although the hydrafacial procedure involves exfoliation and extraction, it simply feels like a light face massage.

  • Quick and Easy: My Hydrafacial procedure only took 30 minutes to complete. With regular treatments, skin texture and  tone can significantly improve. I did not have to wait for redness to disappear after the Hydrafacial machine was used on my skin.
  • Treatment Pairing is Possible: Hydrafacials are non-invasive procedures. Therefore, you can receive certain skincare treatments along with your hydrafacial treatment. Treatment pairing can include non-ablative laser treatment and injectables. You can ask your skincare specialists about all available beautifying procedures that can be paired with your hydrafacial treatments.

Hydrafacial Procedures Are Fully Customizable: This means you can brighten your skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines with skin boosters.

Hydrafacial treatment includes LED light therapy, manual extractions, skin boosters, lymphatic massage, and high frequency. I will continue to schedule Hydrafacial procedures at DRIP Medspa to improve the look of my skin and continuously restore my skin health.

To learn more about the skincare treatments and procedure services, contact DRIP Medspa. Also, follow on Instagram @drip_medispa.

DRIP Medspa is located at: 2011 Lemoine Avenue, Suite 201, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

 Book your skincare appointment at DRIP Medspa today.

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