MrBeast Burger to Open in American Dream Mall

by Peter Candia
MrBeast Burger

Immensely popular content creator, MrBeast, is poised to open his first physical restaurant on September 4 at American Dream Mall. Dubbed MrBeast Burger, the idea originally started in 2020 and has since operated as a traveling virtual kitchen. Until now, MrBeast Burger has utilized existing restaurant kitchens and delivery apps for their business. Now, with a spot in American Dream Mall picked out, MrBeast is set to open the first brick and mortar Beast Burger. 

Who is MrBeast, though, and why do we care about his burgers? MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has the fifth most subscribed channel on YouTube. His expensive stunts and charitable efforts have helped to grow a massively popular platform and create a genre of content that centers around giving. 

At 103 million subscribers on his main channel (with several other channels all exceeding one million subscribers), Donaldson has utilized his position to improve people’s lives. His Instagram bio reads “I want to make the world a better place before I die,” and at just 24 years old, he has put his money where his mouth is by donating millions of dollars to various causes to date. From simply giving money to the sole winner of a game, to raising 30 million dollars to remove trash from the ocean, Donaldson has helped to mold a style of philanthropic content creation that is increasing in popularity.  

This led into the original template of MrBeast Burger. In 2020, the first MrBeast Burger opened in Donaldson’s home state of North Carolina and the concept was centered around giving free meals to people. On day one, MrBeast curated fame around the restaurant by literally paying people to eat at it. You heard that right. 

Eventually, Donaldson decided to take the idea nationwide and teamed up with Virtual Dining Concepts to do so. Since, MrBeast Burger has used a delivery-only method and existing restaurant kitchens to operate. If a restaurant opts to pick up the concept, its staff gets trained on the menu and the virtual eatery becomes an extra source of revenue for the business.  

New Jersey saw this in 2021 when MrBeast Burger mysteriously popped up on food delivery apps one day at random. As it is my duty to do so, I ordered what I thought to be a gimmick and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The burger is of the smashed variety— thin, lacy and crispy. It was surprisingly tasty and well-priced. I was thoroughly impressed that a YouTuber was able to conceptualize an admirable version of my favorite style of hamburger. And while the virtual aspect was fun, it is time to see how a stand-alone version pans out.  

MrBeast Burger is bound to bring thousands of people into the American Dream Mall. Whether it is to enjoy a good burger, or for a chance at YouTube fame, the fast-casual burger joint is set up to please many. In a tweet announcing the news, Donaldson announced that he will be working the grill on day one. So, for fans of the internet phenom, September 4 should be marked on your calendar immediately. 


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